Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Toronto to Host Failed Adults and Ninjas

In honour of reporting the news important to Canadians, the media will spend a great deal of time photographing pictures of fences, failed adults wearing ninja costumes. Vancouver had the pleasure of these model citizens during the Olympics. Here is a few posts on these media here.

“The criminal element apparently willing to wield anything that might cause damage or injury marched among about 200 legitimate protesters this morning beginning at 8:30 a.m. They walked down Georgia Street breaking windows, turning over news boxes and clashing with police,” said a Vancouver Police statement.
“This group contained more than 100 masked people many of whom kicked and damage numerous parked cars. They used spray paint on cars and transit buses and tore down signs,” said police.
“They also clashed with members of the public and pedestrians who didn’t support them. At one point they used a ladder as a moving barricade,” police said.- Black Bloc anarchists riot in downtown Vancouver

Perhaps the Police can take a lesson from APEC during the Liberals hosting of International leaders.

Kudos to the media in providing Cereal journalism in reporting on these important protests of these marginal and failed adults.

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