Tuesday, June 08, 2010

We Get Giant Fans and More Dirty Coal: Thanks Dalton

The McGuinty Government has issued a shareholder directive giving Ontario Power Generation permission to increase the output of its dirty coal-fired power plants by 17%, in each year from 2011 to 2014 inclusive, relative to its actual level of coal-fired electricity generation in 2009- Wind Concerns Ontario

If you are unhappy about the double-digit increases in your hydro bills don't forget to call your local Liberal MP.

If your city or local government can stop the windfarm or energy plant in your backyard don't forget to call your local Liberal MP.

A majority can be a wonderful thing for a political party. Too bad Ontario voters did not realize how chasing the Green Jobs Myth was going to cost more than just dollars.

Where is the evidence, business case models in Spain, Norway, Portugal, California of successful Windfarms?

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Martin said...

There is no evidence of economic successful wind "farms", because such models do not exist. Rural industrial wind generating plants only exist because of massive government subsidies. When these subsidies run out as they have in Spain and elsewhere, the windmills and the companies that built them, will shut down. All that will remain, is ugly giant towers rusting away on the landscape. Future Ontarians will pay dearly to remove this green junk. This is the true legasy of Dalton McGuinty.