Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Crayola: FIFA Marketing Police

When I hear organized labour groups complaining they can't disrupt the G20 negotiations I look to the actions of the security in South Africa.
More than 30 women were ejected from the Johannesburg stadium on Monday during the match between Denmark and the Netherlands.
They were accused by Fifa of breaking strict rules on World Cup marketing.
They had all been wearing identical mini-dresses in Dutch orange, sold as part of a gift pack by a Dutch brewery.

How much debate took place in Ottawa before billions was directed in the Auto Bailout to prop up the General Motors and Chrysler?

How many private citizens have the same pensions of public unions of  P.S.A.C, C.U.P.E, C.A.W?

The Canadian Labour Congress is unhappy with the restrictions in place, sux to be you!

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