Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Canada is Stronger and Taller in spite of the reckless Media and Opposition

I am amused at the antics from the politicians who complain about the lack of civility and progress in tackling the big issues facing Canada. Is it a coincidence they are unwilling to hold the government to account on the economy?

Three out of four voters, including three out of four Liberal supporters and about two out of three NDP voters, think the “Harper government” stimulus program has been effective.-It's the Economy Stupid

The media is responsible for chasing the silly stories and spending money to produce gotcha journalism.

Canada is outperforming most developed economies in their recovery?

What are the topics being covered by our mainstream media since January regarding the Provincial and National governments? 

Inflation in Canada is under control: Low taxes plan will help
Does the large media outlets produce shows that give viewers information about the national economy and how policies enacted or delayed could affect our standard of living?

Are the local, provincial and national government balancing their budgets, if not when?

Does the media explain how double digit hydro rate hikes affect small, medium and large employers? Does the national media provide expert third party analysis of the tax hikes being proposed by the opposition parties to pay for their policies?

Canadians consumers are shopping and buying again in larger numbers

Is our media too busy in looking for negative stories to ignore the good news at home or abroad? It appears some die-hard Liberals think the rhetoric is going to far.

Canadian Business rely on a healthy export market: Freer Trade will help

Will the media focus on the name calling and silly games in Ottawa or will they hold all political parties to account? The television ratings are clear we are tuning out from watching the news deliver us their content.

The Charge of the Light Brigade? Custer’s Last Stand? Napoleon’s Russian Winter? Pick your military metaphor, and begin writing your headlines for Michael Ignatieff’s snap election gambit.-Groundhog Day at Liberal HQ?

Do Canadians have to wait for a new network to cover stories that matter?

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