Sunday, March 13, 2011

Coalition Platform 2011: NHL Arenas?

Speculation on Coalition Agenda
How badly do the Liberals want to seize control of the Federal Government or dump Michael Ignatieff? According to the pollsters it will require the coalition of the NDP and Bloc if the Conservatives don't secure their majority. The Conservatives are polling near majority territory without gains in Quebec.

Have the coalition partners made an effort to coordinate their campaign promises before the next election? Ignatieff has been the most absent MP according to our Conservative blogger Alberta Ardvark and even the Liberal  senate were given a free ride in missing work during votes.

Did Liberals already print their election materials with a $ 56 Billion deficit tag line? (Stop the presses)

Ignatieff going to fund all the NHL-CFL arenas or only Quebec? h/t Jen
It may look like the Liberals are worried about the deficit coming under $ 40 billion and the improving fiscal outlook  that will be presented by the Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty.  The Liberals will continue to avoid talking about the big issues that face Canadians. Hard to imagine end of democracy, an injury from a body check and a NHL arena are top of mind for the opposition  parties these days. Apparently the MPs gold plated pensions, high salaries might make them immune to the real problems facing the middle class families.

I look forward to the voters punishing the political parties that ignore the real issues. I am on the record for 2012 but the coalition may have another agenda. Do you trust them?

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