Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Conservative Majority: End of Political Games?

I am going to provide a pre-writ projection with analysis. Campaigns matters and anything is possible! (DISCLAIMER).  I suggest the CPC will have 76 seats West+North a gain of three seats . In Ontario they will gain nine seats. Quebec and Atlantic will also see a pickup three seats. The Laurier Institute for the Studies of Public Opinion and Policy has their own forecast. As of March 14, 2011 they have been pegged at 152 seats.

I will post West + North as a Region of interest. Ontario separately. Quebec with Atlantic Canada. I have linked to Pundits Guide, I  recommend you visit this site for information on the upcoming election.


Western Arctic
  • @!@#$@# in Western Arctic to retire Denis Bevington-NDP. (Where is the candidate?)

Mass advertising works. Financial fundraising metrics are being ignored as many other structural problems by our MSM. I am confident the provincial Liberals track record in Ontario will hurt the Federal Liberals. The pushback against the Liberals in the United States was clear in the November mid-terms. Canadians will have an opportunity to send a message the Ontario provincial Liberals as well. Change course or else.

This is the fourth election in seven years and the public may decide a majority would provide some stability for the next four years. It makes little sense for the taxpayer to pay for changing the Liberal leaders every two years.

Thank you in advance if you catch a typo or an numerical mistake. I will correct it at my earliest convenience.

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