Monday, February 21, 2011

Conservative Mass Media Buy Working

Nik Nanos has an confirmed with another snapshot that is in line with other pollsters. The opposition parties are failing miserably to counter the message being provided by the Conservatives. Conservatives are in a double digit lead compliments of a media buy that has resonated with the public. 
The wake of the Conservative attack ads has resulted in a 13 point national advantage for the Tories over the Grits. Of note, Conservative support significantly increased in the Prairies (AB, SK, MB) which suggests that the ads served to ramp up Conservative support in areas where the Tories were already strong.-Nik Nanos

MSM and opposition mob avoiding facts for a good old witch hunt again
The MSM has decided to run with another navel gazing campaign by attacking another female Conservative minister for not having NOT provided satisfactory answers for the opposition MPs who have doubled down on another witch hunt.

The internal memo between CIDA and Bev Oda could have been handled better. as noted by a Liberal  insider. The communication of defunding Kairos could have been more smoother with a public campaign against the entitlement culture of funds for advocacy NGO's. The opposition will complain about the loss of funding for their friends, taxpayers won't care. If you turn on your television the people in Madison have had enough with special interests getting a free ride. The taxpayer gravy train is OVER.

Lollipop Guild: Public Unions, Advocacy Groups Entitlements
Public Unions, Advocacy groups will resist an end to perpetual entitlements and new reality to share some of the pain as a result of the global meltdown and re-balancing of the government balance sheets. The decade of low interest and easy money is coming to a close. It is time to pay the note and demand results for the investments and expenditures. It is only natural for those parties that have been at the trough for decades to not want to give them up.
First 2 months and Liberals can't hit 30%. February lift Conservatives media buy election threats?

Improving communication strategies bypassing the MSM and opposition MPs in the cheap seats that are avoiding the big issues for inside the beltway posturing. The Conservatives need to continue to reach out to the alternative media and hit the hustings in winnable ridings.
I suspect if the Government continues to communicate with many more Canadians their shift in direction to support direct aid in providing safe drinking water, vitamins, medicine vs Global alarmists advocacy : it will only boost their support level at home and abroad. Canadians want to see results of their spending in treasure blood on foreign soil.

I am proud of the maternal health initiative by this Federal government and the achievement to avoid the mistakes of the previous Liberal administration.

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