Thursday, February 24, 2011

Atlantic MPs silent on Quebec's bullying on Hydro Project?

Where are those Liberal NDP MPs?
Why are the Federal Liberals in the Atlantic provinces silent on the treatment by the Provincial Liberals in Quebec regarding the fight to help lift Nova Scotia and Newfoundland out from the thumb of the Hydra of Quebec?

Where did those Atlantic Accord Liberals go? I remember an MP who resigned and became an independent because he felt his region was not treated fairly. Do the MPs in the Atlantic region think Quebec is treating them fairly over this mega project?

Nova Scotia would receive 170 megawatts of energy a year — about 10 per cent of the province's total power needs — for 35 years. Emera would also have an option on an additional 330 megawatts that could go to other provinces and New England.Dunderdale said Muskrat Falls would create a 98 per cent carbon-free power grid in Newfoundland and Labrador.At least 2,700 people would work on the project at peak construction, she said. Preference for those jobs would go to Labrador Innu and Labrador residents. -N.L. awaiting federal word on hydro support

Are the Federal MPs in Nova Scotia or Newfoundland afraid to defend their provinces against the interests of Quebec retaining their near monopoly of hydro exports to the United States?

Are the Atlantic Liberal and NDP MP's silent on Lower Churchhill mega project?
Perhaps it is time to send active Federal MPs to Ottawa that will speak up and defend against the Liberal-PQ coalition  in blocking energy independence for the Atlantic provinces.

Energy ministers from Newfoundland and Nova Scotia met Tuesday in Halifax where they agreed to intensify their lobbying efforts to convince Ottawa to participate in the project.
A spokesperson for the N.L. energy minister said Wednesday the loan guarantee would help reduce the interest rate for the project and lower the overall cost. -Lower Churchill vs Quebec Liberal PQ Hydro
Here is a large PDF file for more details
Newfoundland Liberals have no opinion on Lower Churchill?
It is a shame Ignatieff did not have time to take a public position and help the Premiers in the Atlantic provinces with assurances of a loan that would create hundreds of jobs and provide renewable energy that will displace oil and coal in Canada and the United States.  
Is bullying female Conservatives Rona Ambrose, Lisa Raitt, Leona Aglukkaq, and now Bev Oda a higher priority? Having your team refer to the PMO staff as terrorists? So much for the lack of civility and personal attacks instead of an adult conversation.
It is no wonder why none of the above score higher than Ignatieff for Best PM according to latest Nik Nanos Poll data. The Liberals are the lost generation.

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