Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Shelf Life: Federal Liberals leader is two years?

Natural born leader?
It appears the loyal and supportive followers of the Federal Liberals have a limit on the shelf life of their Federal Liberal leaders. The numbers seem to hover around 25% popular support nationally or two years as seat warmer in the opposition seats.

Fighting for ideological left voters of big nanny state
Andrew Coyne appears to be unhappy with the Liberals in his scathing rebuke of the Liberals latest rhetoric to gain support. I understand the Liberals’ need to differentiate themselves from the Tories. But, really: what kind of chumps do they take us for?  I am curious why more of the mainstream media have failed to highlight the factual errors of the Liberal rhetoric? Why are the mainstream media outlets a vehicle for recycled talking points that don't add up?

Where was unbiased mainstream media in covering the Green Energy Act imposed by the Dalton Liberals?
Seven Years, Green Energy Act driving business and jobs out of Ontario
Patience appears to be a problem for the Liberals. Flip flopping on major planks seems to affect both Federal and Provincial Liberals. I refer to it as the weather vane strategy. When it is going to affect their hold or return to power any policy is expendable.

The Federal Liberals are trying to invoke the Red Book of 1993 with fear mongering of a Conservative majority. They have resorted to lifting the policies of the NDP in order to steal their votes. Faking left and governing in middle is the Liberal unwritten promise.

The Liberals and NDP are both fighting for bigger government and more control of our daily lives. They both feel Ottawa knows best. The statists don't respect the division of powers between the Federal and Provincial governments. The one size fits all did not work for the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe or Cuba but the liberal left in love with socialism and big government refuse to learn from history.

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