Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Liberals Swan Song: 2011

The Liberals, traditionally most reliant on corporate and wealthy individual donors, are still struggling to adjust to their own reforms.- CTV
In February 2010 Ekos did a poll and thirty per cent of opposition party supporters wanted the Conservatives to have a full term ----> 2012 before another general election. The Liberal executive have not been successful in closing the gap in donors and grass roots support for their platform. 

The CBC is now joining the opposition parties for ideas, regulations how to level the playing field to limit the Conservative Party of Canada. Anyone else have a problem with a national broadcaster taking sides?

Does anyone remember in 1997-2004 the CBC airing television shows: "level the playing field" or limit the dominance of the Liberal party? Is the CBC out of touch with the mainstream on the issues that matter most?
30% of opposition voters want Full term before election: Ekos 02-10

Is the continued rhetoric of the Federal Liberals talking down the  work of our civil servants, our military, our Federal government responsible for their inability to break and hold 30% of popular support in 2010?

Liberal Media Ignore Canadian Success Stories: Opposition Party meme
What about the economy and the issues that matter to Canadians?

The Liberals have spent years pushing every story as a crisis of democracy and inept government. The Federal Liberals failed to offer a credible alternative since losing power in 2006. Changing leader every two years and demanding an election won't cut it. Ignatieff has begun to offer an alternative that includes asking for all the other voters to re-join the Liberal party to end the Conservative government. So far Ignatieff has managed to lose ground in by elections, volunteers and donations. If you can't get Canadians to return to the Liberal party what gives you the gravitas to seek a general election before the full term in 2012? Are you an opportunist, trying to avoid a messy convention in Ottawa that may challenge your leadership?

The issues and problems of the Liberals in Alberta remind me of the Federal Liberals. Both are unable to capitalize on the mistakes of the incumbent. Other political parties have gained at their expense.
  • Lack of effective policy?
  • Weak leadership?
  • Poor organization?
  • Out of touch with the mainstream beliefs and values?
  • Separatist leader Gilles Duceppe is polling higher than current leader on truthfulness, sincerity, competence, honesty and charisma.

Liberal Policy Vane?
What are the consequences of Liberals Bob Rae, Denis Coderre, Nancy Charest, John Manley, Colin Kenney, Romeo Dallaire, Warren Kinsella, Ken Dryden not being involved in any way, making critical comments about your policy, leadership or direction?

Michael Ignatieff may feel he has done enough rebuilding of the Liberal Party. The metrics don't support that analysis in my opinion.  I don't see an improvement of one or two points from the historical lows of 2008 as proof of an upswing.Is Michael Ignatieff tired or worn out trying to keep the Liberal party afloat and relevant?

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