Thursday, February 17, 2011

Is Toronto up for grabs?

Somewhere a Liberal-NDP strategist is crying at the sight of this picture
Liberals and their supporters have been highly critical of the law and order agenda. The Bloc recently joined the Conservatives in passing a bill that eliminate criminals from serving only one-sixth of their sentence.

Many of the polls in the last few days have shown a widening gap for the Conservative government led by our PM. A recent poll confirms voters prefer a minority led by the Conservative versus the coalition. This can't be good news for those who believe in the keeping their coalition as a viable option. The Liberals and NDP are both running away from it as the Separatist party  in Quebec is the only partner publicly endorsing the plan in 2011.

For those true believers who say Toronto is not going to fall, look no further than our current Mayor Rob Ford. A message that resonates will work. The Liberal-NDP message has failed to ignite and stop the Conservatives since 2006 when Canadians decided to give them their first mandate.

Our PM has been very busy traveling to vulnerable ridings. I could only imagine the horror for the Liberals and NDP to realize how the photo with Chen, Fantino, Nicholson will be used to further advance the law and order agenda.

For the most part the opposition parties have been highly critical of the law and order agenda. They refer to the failures in the US as an example.  I don't think the average voter in Canada is spending much time  doing research/worrying about the failures  in California in addressing the penal system.  Do Canadians believe the  criminals in Canada are being treated too lightly? Will they reward the Conservatives are the only party standing up for the average law abiding citizen?
Many in the left will spend the next few days on another witch hunt targeting Bev Oda for her role in defunding Karios. I don't know how many people will actually pay attention to the noise from the MSM and the opposition. After five years of throwing feces the chimps in the cheap seats simply don't get it. The crap is not sticking.

Canadians are not interested in the personal attacks in Ottawa. The strength of  balance sheets since 2004 confirms the Conservatives are dominating the political landscape with their message without fear of the Liberals providing a credible alternative.

It is time for the adults to regain control of the political parties in the left and provide some adult conversation on the big challenges ahead. Attacking female conservatives seems to have become a sport for the progressives in lieu of serious policy debate.

Canadians deserves better and a rout in the cheap seats may provide the impetus for changing of the  old male guard in both parties. Ignatieff and Layton will likely  retire in disgrace or face an internal revolt when the Conservatives gain their majority in 2011-2012. A merger of some sorts with the remnants of the Liberals and NDP may be necessary. Is it possible for the Separatists to regain official opposition status again with the collapse of the Liberal ridings in Ontario?

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