Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Karma: Shovel Justice American style

I find these kinds of stories hilarious, the video captures the bad neighbour and the reaction of to her act is priceless.  A must see.

There's something about winter storms that should bring out the best in Canadians and Americans - helping each other dig out and stay warm, but for a Chicago man, this was not the case.
David Welles caught a woman stealing his snow shovel recently on his surveillance cameras. The woman is seen walking her dog when she stops in front of Welles' gate, walks up to the porch and takes the shovel.
To make matters worse, her dog does his business in the yard during the theft.
She is then seen on another camera going to a car and digging it out of the snow.
Welles told CBS news Chicago he had no problem with her borrowing the shovel, but what bothered him was the fact she didn't return it.

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