Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Canada is the superstar: Conservatives won't horse trade with NDP

 “Canada is the superstar this wave, showing the highest cumulative growth on all three measures,” states the Ipsos report on the survey. “After a dip in late 2010, Canada has rebounded to earlier 2010 levels by rising 6 points this wave to 68 per cent who give a positive assessment of the national economy. In fact, of all of the countries measured this time it’s Canada that manages to score a trifecta by rising substantially in current and future assessments.”-Superstar’ status in global economic poll strengthens Harper’s hand
 The Full Study is here

I hope the NDP and Liberals keep playing chicken with the voters and threaten to force an election by defeating the budget unless massive new spending policies are included.

Petro Business vs Human Rights?
The Liberal government knew Gaddafi was unhinged when it started playing footsy with him. In 1999, economic sanctions were lifted after Libya made two suspects of the Lockerbie bombing available for trial and agreed to pay compensation to the victims’ families. By 2004, prime minister Paul Martin was in Libya breaking bread with the old pariah in his tent in the desert, while two camels mated noisily outside.-Liberal foreign policy mistakes

Liberal MPs protesting PM welcoming Tim Horton's Head Office return and missing Gaddafi-Obama UN address
Ignatieff boasts about the Liberal record of balancing the books and their balanced foreign policy under Chretien and Martin. Perhaps Ignatieff would like to take a moment and revisit his latest ramblings about the  track record  and  the social welfare state policies he is lifting from the NDP on his latest meet the Canadians tour.  Canadians are not buying the "free lunch" from any level of government talking points. The Liberals and NDP are free to attack each other and complain  about the kitchen table or family values. Many of us won't forget their stunt in parliament for tax funded abortions in Africa and refusal to support a reduction in taxes.

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