Thursday, February 24, 2011

Canadians Feeling better about this Government: Ekos Research

Canadians reward Conservative government with a 6.6% lift in right direction
“The cognoscenti watch the directional numbers and these don't look good at all for the government right now. Less than 4 in 10 Canadians think the government is moving in the right direction. Majority governments typically enjoy the confidence of about 60% on this right track/wrong track measure.” That was Frank Graves in June 10, 2010

It is hard to imagine who should be more distressed by the current patterns. The Liberals remain mired in unthinkable depths for Canada's erstwhile natural governing party. They are now clearly stuck in Dion levels and are attracting about half the vote that they routinely recorded in polls ten years ago. It is little wonder that heightened talks of alliances and leadership continue to circulate.
Yet the poll may be even gloomier for the ruling Conservative Party. While they still cling to a declining lead, they are in danger of falling below the 30 point-ceiling. The patterns show a clear decline which has seen a comfortable lead of nearly ten points dwindle to a downright uncomfortable 4-point margin over the past month. Their current vote intention is the lowest since they took office and the leading direction of federal government indicator is the lowest for any sitting Canadian government in the 11 years we have been tracking it. To be blunt, it is difficult to see how the Conservatives could form a legitimate government on the basis of these numbers. Frank Graves June 17, 2010

I am curious if the caretaker in Stornoway residence is trying to get himself fired nowadays. Every time he has asked the public to take a closer look they are turned off with his tenure as leader. In June 2009 his four ultimatums was followed up with line in the sand ($ 3 billion stimulus). He than proceeded with a "your time is up" in the Fall of 2009. For most of 2010 his party and their merry men have been playing peekaboo during critical votes ensuring the Conservatives would have no reason to ask for a dissolution. Is Ignatieff weighing down the Liberals or is the brand damaged beyond repair? -CanadianSense January 17, 2011

A large number of polls had a double digit lead last week and the Ekos poll released this week has determined the 12.5% gap last has evaporated. I don't believe the polling is being paid attention to other than the political junkies. This is fodder for the faithful to demoralize the opponents. Nothing more.

Mass advertising works. Financial fundraising metrics are being ignored as many other structural problems by our MSM.

Will Ignatieff show up for the budget vote with his MP's and stop propping up this government in 2011 as promised in December 2010?

I am hoping so, I look forward to being dazzled by the messaging of the MSM and Liberals why Canada sucks and we need to raise taxes. This should be fun watching the coalition itemize their priorities.

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