Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No Money, No Ads

The whining, crying in the left include their media friends is a pathetic sight to behold. Show me the money.

I am impressed with the media and the Liberal left latest attempts to deflect the harsh reality. The opposition are admitting they are unprepared and can not compete with the fundraising of the Conservative party. They won't be able to respond to the television media buys airing this week. They need taxpayers to keep their doors open.

A logical person would assume if you can't afford to spend one million dollars on television spots in order to defend your party what makes you prepared to secure lines of credit and loans to run a national campaign? (A hope for more taxpayers money?)

2009 was a great year for fundraising for Liberals: 2010 NOT
When is spending twenty million dollars less of a risk  than spending one million? If the opposition parties can't get their fundraising problems fixed after six years what makes them believe they are competent financial managers for the country?

The Liberals are nowhere near their 2009 levels. They will be lucky to beat Dion's 2008 numbers. Why are Liberals threatening an election if they can't get their own financial house in order? (Have they given up trying to find new donors?)

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