Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Scott Brison: We can do it better!

Mr. Brison trying to maintain the cuts are bad, even though almost no voters have noticed them, and in the face of Tory MPs’ ability remind Canadians that the Liberals were just as fervently in favour of chopping corporate rates when they were in power. As if that wasn’t hard enough, he tried the all-but-impossible on Friday, arguing that the economy is in worse shape than it appears, while insisting the Liberals should get credit for the fact it’s in better shape than most. -National Post

Did the Liberal collective consume a giant Slurpee?
Every wonder if Scott got the short straw and was selected critic for the economy? The Government has had too much fun with being able to repeat his earlier statements about taxation and wasteful spending of the Liberals in Question period in 2010. It is a shame the Liberals are not expected to offer any adult conversation in the near future. 
Finance Minister Dwight Duncan said Friday the province has now seen two months of job growth.
"It closes out 2010 as a good year," Duncan said. "We've now recovered, I think, 96% of the jobs lost in the downturn."
Overall, Ontario was up 23,000 jobs in December, Stats Canada's Labour Force Survey shows.
"Hopefully, this is a harbinger of more to come," Duncan said.
According to the Ontario Ministry of Finance, the final month of the year saw 52,900 net new jobs in the private sector across the country, and about 6,400 net new jobs in the public sector, plus a sharp decline in the self-employed.
The minister said his government's tax package has provided a job-creating boost, although the U.S. economy does continue to pose a concern for Ontario's future.-Ontario regains almost all lost jobs

When you have the Liberal Minister of Finance for Ontario bragging about the economy and recovery how safe are those "federal" Liberal seats from the Conservatives?  The Ontario Liberals are following the example of the Federal Government in reducing their corporate taxes in specific cases to boost growth.

Federal Liberals are convinced they can do it better: They just won't share why or how. Trust us we know how to balance and cut. (No thanks)
“I would caution the government from taking advice from a party that oversaw about a dozen Canadian airline bankruptcies during its tenure in office from 1993 to 2006,” Mr. Dee told The Globe. “Rather than campaigning for votes in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, Mr. Rae should be speaking up for the hundreds of thousands of Canadians whose livelihoods depend directly or indirectly on a strong and vibrant Air Canada and Canadian airline industry.” - Air Canada’s chief operating officer Duncan Dee

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