Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Liberals Faltering before Writ?

Ruby, Michael, Judy, Maria casting for anti-perspirant ad?
Brampton-Springdale MP Liberal Ruby Dhalla’s campaign suffered a major setback yesterday when several of her core team members crossed the floor to join Conservative candidate Parm Gill’s growing camp of dedicated and loyal supporters - More bad news on Liberal campaign

Take a careful read on how the author of this piece describes the public service ads on the opposition parties. I challenge a reader to find the use of "left wing" or European socialist in his earlier work describing the NDP or Liberals. I just included a small paragraph about the weakness with the Liberal party.
“These ads are part of the public negotiation process for the next budget, and they basically say to the opposition parties ‘we are prepared to have an election, we are election ready and election able,’” says Mr. Nanos “The other thing the ads do, and I think this is critical, is they are a test for the Liberals. They’re testing the mettle of Michael Ignatieff and the Liberals,” he said. “If the Liberals mishandle their response, or it’s seen as being weak or there’s a problem, it might actually escalate into an election because the Conservatives will sense opportunity. They’ll smell blood.” -Hill Times
 What do you think?


Ruby tweeted this

this followed:

Okay is someone having fun with a printer or is someone unclear about the management or former management team?
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