Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Candidates exiting Liberal Party

In Halton with Liberal candidate Deborah Gillis. July 30, 2010
...take one step forward, two steps back. Liberals losses continue in advance of a potential election.
Toronto businesswoman Deborah Gillis has resigned as the candidate after accepting a promotion at the nonprofit organization Catalyst Canada, which promotes the advancement of women in business.Ignatieff has been active trying to find candidates that would be able regain seats. Ignatieff is hoping to restore the Liberal brand as a national credible alternative.-The Spec

It was interesting to see Liberal candidate Nancy Charest gain some publicity. The problem was her latest impression is compliments of the Conservative attack public service ads questioning the leadership of Michael Ignatieff. Awkward!

Language plays an important role in indentifying Liberal friendly reporters.

Does anyone else notice when Canadian Liberal media cheerleaders describe messaging from the Conservatives they use the terms "American style" in a derogatory manner? It can be used frequently in an article next to describing the Conservatives as right wing. How often are Liberals described as left wing or European socialists?

The good news is Carolyn Parrish is currently available to return as a Federal candidate for the Liberal party. The advice I would give to Michael is keep her away from the CBC comedy shows and discussing our neighbours in the south. Ask Paul Martin for details.
Leadership is something missing in the Liberal party. It has been missing for years.

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