Friday, January 21, 2011

Liberals Rhetoric Risk Military Lives

The media spent years giving the opposition free publicity in referring to snap election as illegal. Will the media reflect on their biased coverage and the ruling of the highest court in Canada? Will the Canadian media correct the opposition MPs when they repeat the incorrect statement on their panels?
The Supreme Court of Canada upheld Thursday the fixed-election date law passed in 2008 by dismissing an appeal that questioned the law’s legality and the holding of a snap election the same year.- Federal Government Wins Supreme Court Rejects Democracy Watch Case
Battle of the X Planes
NOVA goes behind the doors of Boeing's Phantom Works and Lockheed's legendary Skunk Works to record classified meetings, flies the most revolutionary planes, and examines the high-stakes battle to build the most capable and versatile fighter ever. It is available in the US online here.

Will the Canadian media investigate and report on the JSF program and the competition between Lockheed and Boeing in an unbiased manner? Will they focus on only the problems and delays without giving a full accounting of both sides?

The opposition is not talking about the cost of a replacement for the CF 18 and the media is giving them a FREE ride. The CF fleet will be at then of their useful life in 2020. How much is the alternative aircraft fighter fleet? My CANADA will honour our troops this time and spend the money to protect them and help them come home.
A Canadian officer injured in Tuesday's fire aboard HMCS Chicoutimi has died while being transferred to hospital in Ireland. Prime Minister Paul Martin made the announcement to a hushed House of Commons late Wednesday afternoon.-Buying used Military equipment Liberal Government
HMCS Chicoutimi [SSK 879] isn’t expected back in the fleet until early 2013
Unsurprisingly, refit and refurbishment costs for the renamed Victoria Class skyrocketed well past the initial GBP C$ 750 million estimate. Beyond the costs involved, the delays have also left the Canadians fielding the equivalent of training submarines for about a decade. At one point, problems even took the entire fleet out of commission. -Sub Fleet Creating Canadian Controversies 
The Bloc voted in favour with the Conservatives totaling 170 MPs against the NDP-Liberals motion. The purchase, delivery is not expected to commence until the deficit has been reduced over the next four years. Will the media ask the Liberals and NDP on the panels: If a majority of MPs have already voted in favour for the highly skilled Canadian jobs including the purchase of  sixty five jets, why is your party refusing to respect the "will of parliament"?

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