Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pro-Israel Blogg Off 2011

Canada stands with Israel "fence sitting days are over"
I am very excited to announce the commencement of the Pro-Israel Blog-Off for 2011, my new initiative designed to showcase the blogosphere’s best pro-Israel material in a fun and exciting manner.
Bloggers are invited to submit one ”pro-Israel” entry, whether it be a blog post, podcast, or video no older than 1 month. Then each week, I will pit submissions against each other. The winner, decided by a combination of reader votes and panel-determined score, moves to the next round, where they will submit a new entry to compete against another first round winner. The process continues until we get to two finalists competing for an Apple iPad.- Aussie Dave
Our Federal Government has taken sides and lines up with the only democracy in the Middle East. Here are a few posts on being clear in defending Israel. Our Government is pro-Israel and many bloggers on the centre and right are already pro-Israel. The bloggers in favour of the divestment strategy targeting Israel won't be qualifying anytime soon. They are busy carrying the torch of useful idiot.

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