Friday, January 28, 2011

Western Civilization: Done

How many signs of incompetence or gross neglect do we need to witness before our elected officials are moved to ACT? Governments in many Western democracies are failing their citizens and their country.
When Ms. Lloyd insisted that the figurine — worth about $300 — would not be complete without the gun, a security supervisor was called in. But he too ruled the “weapon” could not be taken on board Ms. Lloyd’s return flight to Canada.
Instead, Ms. Lloyd was told it would be no problem to remove the gun from the figure and mail it to herself. When Ms. Lloyd found that none of the airport post boxes had letter slits wide enough for the a hastily purchased envelope containing the gun, one of the security guards that wouldn’t let her take the toy on the plane offered to mail it for her.-No Toy soldiers
This is not limited to Britain we could look at examples in the United States for further proof. A denial is here to be balanced. Given the fact a 7 cm model of a British soldier was not allowed I will go with the author of Another TSA outrage by Erick Erickson.
Anyone examine the problems with the no-fly list?

If our elected officials can't resolve these bureaucratic problems what make us think they can deal with the bigger issues?

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