Saturday, January 22, 2011

Evan Solomon on Limiting Free Speech

Free Speech for Political Parties?
I found it interesting how Evan Solomon from the CBC show called Power and Politics injects himself and his ideas into the show. Does the CBC have an agenda in limiting free speech for Federal political parties or having the opposition parties introduce legislation to limit attack ads outside the campaign? (Watch the clip)

The Conservative Party of Canada has a clear advantage against the Liberals, Democrats and Greens of being able to deploy national advertorial campaigns. The decision to unite the conservatives has ended the one party rule by the Federal Liberals after thirteen years. The political welfare  subsidy was put in place unilaterally by the Liberals in 2003. It has also backfired giving the Conservative the most money per voter subsidy because they  have won the most votes in every subsequent general election held after the changes. The Conservative Party has gone further and lowered the contributions from individuals from $ 5,000 to $ 1,100 (x2 candidate, party). At the time of the unilateral changes by the Federal Liberals they could not have envisioned at time they would be reduced to historical low of twenty six per cent a mere four years later. (Arrogance?)

Outside a writ period there is NO LIMIT how much money a political party can spend in advertising. There is no limit on how much money each political party can raise. Evan points out the panel EVERY political party run negative press releases. 

Jan 29, 2009: The CBC host asks the Finance Critic Thomas Muclair (NDP) if $ 85 Billion projected deficit in the budget is not enough spending. The Liberals agreed it was and only asked for quarterly report cards. The NDP and Bloc voted against the budget in 2009. The spending was planned over two years.

Transcripts of interview Part One here . Part Two here. Videos here

Jan 21, 2011: Paul Dewar complains about the Mansbridge-PM interview and the mythical coalition conspiracy being framed against them. Here is the reaction above from Thomas Muclair regarding the surrender of the Liberals in 2009 and collapse of the coalition.
Hey Paul is the Canadian Media Conservative puppets of mythical coalition?

Evan decides to introduce the subject of limiting or regulating "advertising by political parties" at we put limits outside the WRIT period and should we have a reality check on political advertising at 9:39 on the clip. Which political party would be hurt the MOST and lose their capacity to communicate through mass media buys?

The NDP have been using that term on their website. Take a look at the words used in their press release provided below.

Individual Canadians or state funding for political parties?
The Federal opposition parties are clearly having a difficult time, generating interest and raising funds to catch the Conservative Party of Canada. Is it advisable for the CBC hosts to recommend or direct the federal political parties to level the playing field through legislation and regulations? Perhaps Evan can ask why each of the federal opposition parties have failed in closing the gap in relation to the Conservative party supporters the next time?

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