Monday, January 10, 2011

Liberals Channel Holy Grails: Black Knight

Liberal strategist believes no crack in our armour
"There are no cracks in our armour," said Jeff Kehoe, a supporter of Mr. Ignatieff's 2006 leadership campaign who is one of the three campaign co-chairs for Ontario. "To me, I don't see any divisions, it's a very cohesive team." 

Anyone in the Liberal party see the balance sheet? A political map of the remaining Liberals seats? They are 1/7 in by elections since Ignatieff took over the reigns of the party on December 10, 2008.
  • Two Senators who have shot down Ignatieff talking points against delaying the F 35 purchase.
  • Liberal Senator against UAE decision to attack Canada over the landing rights, visa imposition.
  • Former Liberals like Manley speaking in favour of Government policy on Afghanistan/reduction in Corp. tax.
  • Liberal friendly pundits asking anonymous Liberals to stop leaking damaging information.
  • "It closes out 2010 as a good year," Duncan said. "We've now recovered, I think, 96% of the jobs lost in the downturn."
Why are the Liberals channeling Monty Pythons Holy Grail Dark Knight's reality?

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