Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ignatieff Auditions as "The Joker"?

How else can you describe the talking points of Michael Ignatieff in his latest talking points about trade on China when Liberals are threatening Oil sands export to the Asian markets?
...this motion really isn’t about stopping tankers. It’s about stopping the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline from Alberta to B.C., that would bring 500,000 barrels of oilsands oil a day to the coast for export to Asia.
The opposition doesn’t mind U.S. tankers off the B.C. coast or Saudi tankers coming up the St. Lawrence Seaway. They don’t mind B.C. tankers going in and out of Vancouver or Kitimat.
They just don’t want tankers to do business with Alberta’s oilsands. -Liberals Democrats Separatists Coalition Strike Against Alberta
The Liberals voted in a symbolic motion to block oil from reaching the Asian markets from Alberta recently. The Liberals under Chretien-Martin made many high profile trips but DID NOT SIGN a single FREE TRADE deal in thirteen years. Brian Mulroney majority led government signed NAFTA and the unelected Liberal senators tried to block it. Today the media and liberal left seem to forget how Liberals tried to subvert the will of parliament.
We’ve lost a seat on the security council of the United Nations because we’ve become provincial, we’ve become small.” -Ignatieff repeats Canada does not deserve a seat at the UN.

Canada has a solemn duty to protect and defend Israel and Liberals refuse to acknowledge the failed "honest broker" position held by the previous government. Granted Ignatieff missed thirty four years of experiencing  the  Canadian way of life and he recently  waffled on his defence of Israel in a speech in Ottawa on antisemitism.  Ignatieff may not be up to speed on Canadian history and facts but if you are running for PM shouldn't you have a basic clue about our achievements?

Many left leaning dictatorships are against our mission in Afghanistan.
Canadians are proud of their country and feel strongly about their efforts on the international stage. We don't need dictators that have a vote in the UN telling us our efforts to bring freedom and development are not worthy. It is a pity the opposition parties would rather line up with the radical governments in the UN than our own military, foreign aid workers and federal government.

The fact Ignatieff has missed the most votes in 2010 in Parliament may also be responsible for his lack of details regarding our economic recovery, improved standing with China or negotiated trade deals

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