Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Stephen Harper: NGC 157

He comes from another galaxy and is known for his super-human powers.
But it is doubtful if even Superman could fly as far as the distant galaxy NGC 157, although this image does appear to show the two have much in common.
The European Southern Observatory has released this distinctive picture in which the galaxy boasts a central sweep of stars in the shape of a giant 'S'.
Could the Big 'S' be our own Stephen Harper?

Stephen Harper and Laureen Harper
If you listen, watch the Liberal media in concert with the opposition parties talking points  it includes criticizing everything emanating from the Conservatives. This pattern reinforces how desperate and petty they have become as most of us have tuned out the political noise. I am confident that Canadians when an election is called will send a very clear message to the fear mongering by the Liberal MSM and their opposition parties.

A Conservative mandate is not in question, only the size remains to be determined.

Campaigns matter:
  • Ignatieff led Liberals are at 1/7 in by elections in two years.
  • Financial strength is marginally better than Dion?
  • Liberals have swung hard left, farther left than in 1993.
  • Liberals are not facing a divided right, an NDP at 8.5% with Greens at 0.5%
  • The Separatist leader is viewed more favourably than Ignatieff in Canada.
They are trying to rally the NDP-Bloc-Green voters again under their banner. The biggest problem is their own loyalists don't believe them and most importantly their leader is the biggest liability of any federal party. 
Voters will have a clear ballot question: A stable Conservative majority led by our PM Stephen Harper or a coalition led by Ignatieff with the Separatists being the kingmaker. The choice is yours.

Canadians will NOT give the opportunistic Liberals another opportunity to play bait and switch with the results of a general election. It will take 36 days after the writ is dropped to confirm the Teutonic shift.

To those in the Liberal fantasy land : Don't worry be happy.

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