Saturday, February 05, 2011

Politics of Personal Destruction

It was about "politics", not policies
I am impressed with how the MSM ignore the pattern of personal attacks by Liberals when evidence is in plain sight. Liberals would have been happy to have Fantino and Rossi run under the Liberal banner . The vitriolic attacks from the Liberals illustrate the panic or desperation within the badly damaged brand. The balance sheet and seven by elections under Ignatieff has not been a pretty sight to behold for those in the Liberal camp. How much more time will they give him before revoke his membership?

Anyone remember Liberals trashing these ads?
Deciding to leave a political party that you’ve been part of for decades and joining another is a very difficult thing to do. One doesn’t make these decisions lightly or easily. The hard part was not to recognize that my beliefs had come to have more in common with the Progressive Conservatives — anyone who followed my mayoral campaign can attest to that — but having the courage to face the loss of some friendships and associations that have meant a great deal to me.
During my mayoral campaign, particularly as it came to an end, with some notable and much-appreciated exceptions, more and more of the Liberals among my active supporters fell away, some with extreme and very public prejudice, and no pretense was ever made that my policies had anything to do with it. It was about “politics,” not policies; about the party, not the people. It was a disheartening, and yes, profoundly disillusioning experience for me and those who stuck with me.
And then, at the end, I looked around my campaign table and realized that not one of my PC supporters had left me, nor would they until I released them by formally withdrawing from the race. They supported my ideas, my principles and my integrity with a staunch integrity of their own. Now it is my turn to support them, and continue to follow my drive towards public service with a party and leader, Tim Hudak, who I have more in common with than I ever realized possible.-Rocco Rossi National Post
 When did the praise for Rocco Rossi become immaterial? When he decided to run for Mayor? No  It appears his decision to not run under a Liberal banner is the litmus test. 
Federal Liberals are losing long time MPs to "other" activities.
Ignatieff said that under Rossi, who became national director less than a year ago, the party has "vastly improved" its dismal fundraising, more than tripled its membership and is now "in a solid position to fight the next election, whenever it comes."
He saluted Rossi's "dedication to serving the public good" and his decision to run for mayor.
"Torontonians should be proud to attract talented people such as yourself who want to lead. I wish you the best of luck."
Why are Liberals comfortable in dismissing the good work and track record  of Rocco Rossi in aiding the Liberal party so quickly? Is it just politics?

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