Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Liberals surge to nearly 28%: Calls to Mental Health professionals drop by 30%?

Let's give the Liberals a reason to celebrate. The have once again almost hit 30%. 2009 was a bad year with most of it being held to below thirty per cent. 2011 has not started off any better with being unable to break above the thirty per cent in popular support. It must be demoralizing for the  remaining supporters to keep reading how their current leader is a drag on the national numbers. Ekos full report here. This video is tribute to the hard working and perpetual man in motion known as Ignatieff. Alfred E. Neuman would be very proud.
It has been quite a ride for the remaining Liberal faithful since Ignatieff has taken over the natural governing party in December 2008.
A gain of one per cent since the worst showing in 150 years is reason to celebrate.
I can only hope this latest surge in Ekos polling from 24.8% to 27.3% ( +2.5%) gives the Liberal more reason to pull the plug and defeat the Conservative minority budget in March. It will be wonderful to hear the Liberals trash our military, our international reputation, our recovery and demand taxpayers pay more money for social engineering.
Canada News Desk last  Dec 9 2010 - Feb 11, 2011 Ekos Poll here

The push back has only begun on the unfunded Public Union pensions and benefits by the state governments in the United States. Our our Federal Budget needs to be balanced and blaming corporations won't work. Everyone is going to be asked to take a hair cut, including the largest public unions in Canada.

Canadians won't return to blaming job creators as greedy capitalists, we did not bailout our Banks or Bay Street. Canada has fared better than most in the developed economies. Canadians won't accept the "free lunch" or Robin Hood take from the rich to feed from the poor rhetoric anymore.

The gravy train for taxes by government appears to be coming to an end and this terrifies the central planners in our society. They can't find enough support to help them with their wealth redistribution schemes. Their ideology has failed everywhere it has been tried.

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