Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Liberals 23% revisiting new historic low: Liberal Strategy?

Are the Federal Liberals benefiting from ignoring the real issues facing Canadians for political games on the Hill? The Liberals have been hitting a new historical low in the Polls by several pollsters. Canadians consumers and businesses are feeling more confident. We are doing much better than many developed economies. The opposition want to give no credit for the stimulus, keep it going and put the blame of the deficit on the minority government. Any wonder the Liberal-left coalition has polled 23% three times in four weeks?

CanadaNews Desk Poll Tracker Feb 21, 2011-March 10, 2011
Some 36 percent of respondents surveyed by Leger Marketing for the daily Le Devoir backed Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Tories versus 23 percent support for the main opposition Liberals, led by Michael Ignatieff.- Leger Marketing 23% Liberal support
Is it the fact the mass media buy is working and Canadians are waking up to the Conservative ads? Could it be the fact every time the Liberals threaten an election over a manufactured issue the media cheerleaders from the Toronto Star, CBC and CTV can't sell it?

I have said this for a long time shortly after the Liberals decided to seize power in November 2008 through a coup. We the voters will at our first opportunity in a general election punish them. We won't allow them to reform a coalition with the separatists in Quebec.

If we go this spring or later in 2012 many from the liberal left coalition will be retired from federal politics. Large Unions may spend millions trying to save their own skin by backing the Liberals or NDP in close ridings but as we saw in New Brunswick destruction of the Liberals and the Liberal-left dynasty in Toronto, that tired old message won't work.

The left are losing ground everywhere and taxpayers have had enough. The  Conservatives have wanted to wait until 2012 to revisit the polls, they already have a defacto majority in Parliament.

The opposition MPs attempt to win back credibility for their last five years is not going to work in a thirty six day campaign promoting their committee findings. The outcome won't be convincing as the public are cynical of all political parties and accept MPs are biased. The opposition parties are refusing to all the Federal government to exhaust all their legal options in reclaiming their expenses from 2006 from an activity that all parties used. This matter won't end well for them. Its the economy stupid. No one trusts the political class.

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