Thursday, March 24, 2011

Liberal MP Glen Pearson: You Don't Know Taxpayers

A little heavy on the rhetoric? This Conservative government has lasted for five years because each party rejected by the voters has taken turns in supporting the policies and agenda of this minority government.  Crying and complaining about the damage to the country and Parliament won't fly on the campaign trail.

Did the loss of the political party funding worth $ 7 million to the Liberals necessitate a failed coalition coup with Layton and Duceppe in the Economic Update in November 2008 six weeks after the general election? The worst showing in one hundred-fifty years by the Liberals. Did dumping Dion before the scheduled May leadership convention respect the democratic principles within the Liberal party? Bob Rae complained but admitted he could count. Liberals rejected Ignatieff in Montreal. The Liberal leader has the worst support within his own voting base according to every pollster. Nearly sixty per cent of people polled are for a full term before another election. Are Liberals too impatient, out of touch with issues beyond the Hill to recognize the public disdain for triggering an early election? It appears the Liberals are in it for themselves.

This is the longest serving minority in Canadian history. The Liberals have found many reasons to support and provide confidence of this minority government going on for five years. In 2006 the taxpayers rejected the Liberals and Paul Martin resigned. In 2008 the taxpayers again rejected the Dion led Liberals by rewarding the Conservative led minority and the NDP with more seats at the expense of the Liberal alternative.

Making parliament work or playing games?

Did the Liberals re-introduce abortion as a wedge issue during the Maternal health initiative proposal in order to help the taxpayers? This was a whipped Liberal motion, three Liberals stood up and voted against their party on the abortion stunt. Many Liberals skipped the whipped vote. Your whip was replaced shortly therafter. Ignatieff visited the CBC to apologize and admit he had a bad day at the office.
Glen we could discuss how the Liberals played games with the H1N1 crisis, the Olympic logo, attacks on Conservatives alleging a security breach at an airport. The loyal opposition is responsible to introduce alternatives to the policy decisions Parliament  they don't support. What did the Liberals introduce in parliament and win the support of  in the last five years and secure Royal Assent when they controlled the senate?

The contempt of the opposition parties to protect the political party subsidy and engineer a coup in November 2008 will now have the opportunity to be punished in a general election. You may call for taxpayers to ignore the track record for the last two years, the signatures and the antics by your party and other members within the coalition. The taxpayers will decide. I have the utmost confidence they will find the Liberals in contempt in London North Centre and in many ridings.

A $40 billion initiative on maternal and child health will create a “wave of hope” across the developing world, Prime Minister Stephen Harper predicted Wednesday as he opened a United Nations meeting.-UN, G8 adopt Canadian Maternal Health leadership

Susan Truppe Finance Minister Jim Flaherty
Susan Truppe has lived and worked in London for over 30 years. A former constituency assistant to a Conservative Member of Parliament, Susan is currently a successful business executive and a small business owner.

In spite of having a Liberal MP whining about damage to the country and Parliament what does the record show for the London area taxpayers? Here is a link to the Economic Action Plan Website.

High marks for economic stimulus

Aside from the helicopter deals, the report's findings in most other government departments probed were largely positive. On the subject of the roughly $61-billion economic stimulus plan, which the government unveiled in early 2009, adequate measures to speed the rollout of funds were taken, and adequate attention was paid to risk by implementing suitable controls, the report found.
"I think officials deserve congratulations for rolling out such a major program quickly, without resorting to throwing needed regulations and safeguards out the window," Fraser said in French at the news conference.

"Our government''s number one priority is growth in jobs," said Harper. "Kongsberg brings . . . knowledge intensive jobs on which the economy of the future will be built." Government welcomes Konsberg March 2010
The Government of Canada and the Province of Ontario today announced that the City of London is receiving more than $12.8 million for 73 projects to repair 5,062 existing social housing units through the Social Housing Renovation and Retrofit Program.- Social housing London

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today officially opened the new cargo terminal at London International Airport, which will create new jobs and provide lasting infrastructure for the region’s long-term growth. 

“This new cargo terminal will help the City become a leading transportation hub, and will be critical to London’s future as a major North American and international gateway,” Prime Minister Harper said.  “This project is a perfect example of how a well-timed investment can create construction jobs in the short-term while providing lasting infrastructure for longer-term prosperity and growth.”  - London International Airport

I am looking forward to the voters in London Centre in selecting a Conservative candidate Susan Truppe to replace you as their MP, they can expect less rhetoric and more action on the issues that matter.

Goodluck Susan!

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