Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ignatieff Liberals: NDP Surrender?

Ignatieff dumped the coalition in 2009 for self-interest
The Liberals are under a great deal of pressure to reform their coalition and defeat this minority government. They hoped the economy would tank and ended their coalition accord with the NDP in hopes of riding the anger from the public in January 2009. It did not work out that way for the Liberals. The honeymoon lasted less than six months for the newly appointed Ignatieff. His repeated threats in May 2009 backfired. The NDP and Bloc mocked them.

They tried again in September 2009 with the infamous Time is up rhetoric in Sudbury. They spent six months on that script to have the NDP step into the breach and pull the red carpet from under their feet. (That must have been painful for the Liberal strategists to realized they lost their time of choosing when an election is called.) The Liberals spent 2010 back pedaling and allowing the "Harper" government to survive for another twelve months.

Jack Layton NDP played a strategic role in not following the Liberals in defeating the minority parliament invoking making parliament work. In the months that followed that decision the numbers for the NDP have moved and moved down. What has not changed is the leader of the NDP has better leadership numbers than Ignatieff as a result. Jack with his party will decide what is in the best interests of the NDP.

The Liberal threat to be viewed as credible requires the Separatists and NDP to be in collusion with the timing of the Liberals. This minority government has spent months working on this budget but have made it clear for the NDP and Bloc several of their conditions are too expensive for inclusion in the budget. The Liberals have been on the record in attacking the government spending akin to drunken sailors. Will they return to calling each other chicken again?

Key issues at the ballot box: 

  • 28% of Canadians believe the Conservatives, if re-elected, would do the best job of “providing honest, open and trustworthy government.”
  • 22% believe the NDP would do the best job of this.
  • Just 15% say the Liberals would be best at providing honest, open and trustworthy government.

Liberals are a badly damaged brand in need of the NDP. What is the downside for the NDP in allowing the Liberals to sink further in the polls below 23% in the next six months?
  • Economy & Jobs: Conservatives by 17 points
  • Keeping taxes under control: Conservatives by 19 points
  • Spending taxpayers money wisely: 17 points
The NDP beat the Liberals on spending taxpayers money wisely. That's right!
Is it realistic for voters to expect the Liberals to ^not offer larger concessions to return to power? Does it make sense for the Bloc or NDP to let the Liberals twist in the wind for another six months with Ignatieff who's personal leadership numbers are worse than Dion?

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