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Conservative Majority: Media Scrutiny Failure

In spite of the left leaning "experts" and messaging for the last five years Canadians overwhelmingly ended the coalition debate on May 2, 2011. Quebec has decided in it's collective wisdom to continue to align itself with political parties outside the mainstream.

Quebec first created  the Separtist party as a fall out from Meech Lake negotiation in the 1990's. After twenty one years,  a total of forty-two per cent voted for an additional four more years. Quebec has made another strategic error in betting against the Conservatives in 2011. A majority without Quebec has now become a reality.

Checkmate: Quebec sends NDP against CPC
Experts should no longer describe Quebec voters as sophisticated or ahead of the curve after they decided to shoot themselves in both feet. The Democratic Reform Bill in 2011 will now easily pass without Quebec. Every Lib-Bloc-NDP policy heavily supported in Quebec will no longer be viable.

Canadians decided against giving the left leaning parties any opportunity to derail the Conservative Government in Ottawa. The media for the most part has failed to provide scrutiny and balance in covering the politics during this campaign. Some of us feel they have failed us for much longer.

The backlash against the Liberal party and their leader was apparent after the ballots were counted. Many in left leaning world will not adjust to the reality of a Conservative majority. The fear mongering from the usual suspects in our media has failed to prevent the evolution to a two party state in Canada.  Voters have changed the political landscape, Canadian wanted an end to the games in Ottawa. We have four years of relative quiet now with a neutered opposition. Our beer buddy Jack with his place holders in Quebec are now in a much weaker position.

In Ontario Jack won 22 seats of the 106. He beat the Liberals 2 to 1 in seats  with only 16,257 extra votes. The NDP did not win 50% of the popular vote in Quebec but under our First past the post system rewarded, the NDP  won 58 seats. Quebec represents 25% of our population and the NDP party is now composed of 56% of its MPs from a single province (Quebec). Quebec centric issues  will now become the main plank of the NDP. The other regions that send MPs may find their issues being squeezed out from the new influx of Quebec MPs.

In the last general election 2008 in a speech in front of his supporters following the election, BQ leader Gilles Duceppe claimed to have achieved his objectives, adding: "without the Bloc Québécois tonight, Mr. Harper would have formed a majority government".[6]

Jack and his team opposed adding seats to Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta without support of Quebec in the 40th parliament. This time Jack and his placeholders can't stop the additional thirty seats. Thanks Jack.

Just For Laughs Montreal expands to Ottawa?
Jack Layton, leader of the official opposition will have to explain to his supporters how legislation he previously blocked in a minority will now be easily passed without delay. He can spend the next four years recycling his complaints and bragging again how his team voted against the  Conservative government. This time Jack can't blame the Liberals for propping up our PM. Jack and his NDP-Quebec place holders will come under much more scrutiny as the official opposition to the government. Jack will have to provide alternatives for scrutiny. Perhaps the media can provide some scrutiny this time. On election night Jack read the wrong speech. He read a victory speech that he can not hope to deliver on. How will the NDP balance the needs of his large Quebec caucus vs the rest of Canada? Jack fails to understand this is not a minority parliament and his coalition majority of the Lib-Bloc parties has been decimated. Jack has been given the mantle to provide an alternative to our PM. Good luck Jack because outside Quebec your story did not resonate.

We the voters-taxpayers gave the Conservatives their third mandate and when WE are prepared, we will take it away. It is not up to the Lib, NDP or Bloc party to fire our PM. Ignatieff and Gilles forgot Parliament is our house and not theirs. Both of them failed to listen to us that we wanted to wait until 2012 before another election. Each MP serves at our pleasure.

  •  Long Gun Registry will be scrapped
  • Political Party subsidy will end
  • Tanker traffic on West coast will continue
  • Pipelines to West Coast, US will move forward pending environmental hurdles.
  • Requirement Bilingual Supreme Court Judges D.O.A. 
  • Tougher Illegal immigration laws will pass
  • Large omnibus bill on justics will pass
  • Trade deals can no longer will be delayed
Liberal Dream Team McGuinty-Ignatieff
The vocal left will continue to refuse the democratic result on May 2, 2011. The fringe left can't comprehend the taxpayers are fed up paying for new entitlement policies. Many of us are taxed out at every level and we don't believe in the Robin Hood approach. Demonizing select large corporations and using Alberta as a punching bag to continue  transfer the wealth programs has led to the firing of 2/3 of the coalition leaders. What is the likelihod of the Liberals and Bloc surviving for another election cycle without their political party subsidy? In Toronto the left imploded and we sent Rob Ford with a large contingent to cut spending. The experts in the media failed again to understand the mood of the voters. The strategists also failed to understand how the polls were not accurate. Rob Ford ended the debate in eight mintues. Anyone believe Dalton will survive? How much was your last Hydro bill?

Our traditional media has refused to accept the facts the Liberal decline began well before Dion-Ignatieff's leadership. In almost every instance the Conservative party has been successful in reaching out and growing in every region. In 2011 the Bloc were handed their worst defeat and removal of official party status. The media will keep looking for excuses why they missed the back lash against the Liberals. They will not recognize how Quebec voters miscalculated by removing three cabinet  ministers and two others. It will be an interesting time over the next four years to watch how the economic action plan will assist our competitiveness in Canada. Our PM and his team is here for Canada.

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