Thursday, May 26, 2011

Liberal Media unable to grasp with Conservative Majority

Media Hype: NDP win in Quebec and NWT
It has been several weeks since Canadians sent the two of the three opposition parties to the woodshed. The NDP were only successful in the province of  Quebec and NWT for popular vote. The left leaning experts in the media keep harping on some mystical "Orange Crush" and they continue to give the failed opposition parties too much credit for the 41st election results. It will be entertaining to watch the political pundits and actors on the left complain and decry the elimination and reduction of wasteful programs and policies.

NDP beat CPC in QC, NFLD and NWT
It has not dawned on the rejected opposition parties and the left leaning pundits that this majority government mandate can be repeated in four and half years. Abacus found 46% were somewhat or very satisfied with the majority Conservative government, while 41% were somewhat or very unsatisfied with that particular result. If the government delivers on it promises to focus on the economy and deal with significant issues, the Ottawa Hill chattering class will face another rebuke in next election with their political parties facing wider losses.

Liberals fertile ground  NFLD & PEI?
The NDP only picked up two new seats out the 95 available in West+North in 2011. In Ontario the NDP picked up only five seats additional seats out of the 106 available. The bulk of the NDP success can be attributed to one province that went gaga and punished every other political party a few weeks ago. Quebec's honeymoon with Jack will be entertaining to watch. Jack Layton is not Jack Sparrow and he will not have Hollywood backstopping the NDP in 2015. Jack will need to reach out to his base for donations. Some in our media have begun to asking the tough questions that were not asked during the campaign. The lack of substance on major files, the balancing the Quebec vs ROC interests will undermine "Orange Crush" and popularity of Jack Layton. 

Next budget will sail through Vuvuzuela opposition MPs
The CPC victory a few weeks ago reflect a balanced distribution of their seats across Canada ex Quebec. The rout in Ontario for the Liberals has them reduced to eleven seats in Ontario. Newfoundland, PEI and Ontario were the only provinces that gave the Liberals a tie or a lead against the NDP.
Wiki 41st Election Map

The Ottawa - Toronto media will spend it's time chasing issues that don't matter to the average taxpayer that participated in our 41st election that sent the Conservatives a large majority. Watch for the Conservatives to move quickly on their platform and expand their reach in Ontario and Atlantic Canada for their next campaign in 2015. It is a great time to be a Conservative in Canada.

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