Monday, April 11, 2011

Canadian Media in cooperation with Coalition?

Nik Nanos Research
Is it me but we are within the margin of error for the national and regional numbers in most cases. Where is the Liberal momentum? The NDP numbers are down just outside the m.o.e. but it is too early and a ground game is very important. The Liberals are missing eighty candidates, winning a minority at the ballot box was not in their gameplan? Is the coalition in good standing the reason to trigger an election before the economy fully recovers the best case scenario for the Liberals pushing a fourth election in seven years?

The following projection is based upon a blended and weighted sample of polls from Ekos, Forum Research, Angus Reid and Nanos conducted between April 4-10, 2011, comprising over 7000 respondents has the Conservatives gaining seven seats and the Liberals losing one.- Laurier Institute of the Study of Political Opinion and Study. The polls have been steady with a blip for the Conservatives into majority territory briefly. Our media has been consistent in reporting a resurgence without any basis in fact.
The current leader appears to be in protected by our media who are ignoring his voting record in the UK and claims about voting for John Kerry in the United States in 2004. Interesting times when our media keeps switching its integrity watch to suit the underperforming Liberals.

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