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Media Pushing Own Agenda: Ignore Coalition Reality

Desperate Democrats will deal with the Quebec Separatists to control the financial levers of the Federal Government. Terry Grier was charged with developing and leading a “Scenarios Committee”. A coalition agreement was tried in 2004 with PM Martin. He rebuffed the NDP proposal at first. He was overconfident that he could play the opposition parties against each other.(Pg 33)

To that end, a package of amendments to the government upcoming Throne Speech was developed by all three parties. The NDP focus was parliamentary reform.  The meaning of the letter is perfectly plain. (Pg 34) Government defeat so soon after a general election meant GG would to turn ‘to one of us’ to form a government. (Page 35) Layton concluded he and our party had no obvious interest in making Stephen Harper Prime Minister. He withdrew from the three party groups. (Pg 35)
The NDP were taking flak from their own base propping up the “corrupt” Liberals.
During the 2008 campaign Jack Layton was determined to replay the coalition talks with the Liberals this time with Dion. The NDP did not anticipate the collapse of popular support for the Liberals in 2008. They did not anticipate the shortage of seats to form a coalition deal between the Liberals and NDP. NDP-Liberals required the support of the Quebec Separatists. After Dion resigned it fell to the deputy leader Michael Ignatieff.  Every Liberal leader will be approached and the Bloc will be vital if the Lib-NDP fail to win support outside Quebec.
The Ignatieff led Liberals felt the global recession would cause the taxpayers to rethink their support for the Conservatives. For a brief few months he did enjoy a honeymoon. It ended in 2009 and his leadership and support have been mired behind Layton ever since.

Jack Layton wanted us to figure out a way to remove the Conservatives from office to replace them with a coalition government, turning the tables of Mr. Martin’s own proposed parliamentary manoeuvres to replace him. (Page 46 Book, Interview Sept 22, 2008 Toronto Star)
On Friday November 28, 2008 Ignatieff's team wanted to negotiate a similar deal that had Paul Martin as PM in 2005 with concessions in their budget. The NDP were not interested in returning to that arrangement. Ignatieff's team were concerned about giving away their cabinet seats and the optics of the NDP-BLOC with their hands on the levers of power.
The media backlash against the Conservatives warning the taxpayers is evident in 2011. The media is ignoring the real story that will see large parts of Canada excluded from Government. They are desperate to minimize the threat of the Quebec Separatist party having control of the Federal Government. If you examine the 2008 results and the LGR vote the coalition does not have legitimacy outside Quebec.

Ten days into the campaign the media has taken an active role in pushing the narratives from the opposition war rooms. Instead of a platform with scrutiny on policy, the media have decided to advance the mistakes of crowd control (staging) and the relationship of an ex-staffer that is under investigation as their “news that matters” during the next 36 days. Due process is not available to Conservative supporters. It is comical how many interventions have been done on behalf of Omar Khadr in our parliament by the opposition. Rehabilitation is not applicable to Conservatives.
Each opposition party has stated they won’t support the Throne Speech from the Conservatives; a majority is the only option to avoid a coalition of losers in 2011. The public are being misled by the usual cabal of media personalities in their refusal to inquire about the scenarios committee and the threat to a united Canada from the back room dealings with the Quebec separatists.
Polls for the past three months have consistently shown the Conservatives within reach of a majority. There are two reasons for this good news. First, the Tories have by far the best organization in the field. Second, for a long time, Stephen Harper has believed in, and argued on behalf of, citizens assuming responsibility for the way they live instead of ceding control of their lives to bureaucrats. -Calgaryherald

Some in the media are willing to trust Ignatieff, Layton and Duceppe they won’t reform their coalition agreement. The opposition refused to give the Conservatives a sixth budget. This budget did NOT have enough goodies for their support; they did not wait to read it. How much more will taxpayers are paying for those extra goodies being demanded by the fringe opposition parties?

Frank Graves on CBC Power & Politics gave an analysis on support for a larger more activist government. He was clear this “looks like the harbringer of a potential disaster
Nik Nanos on April 5, 2011 has already stated the pattern is for the incumbent to lose the election. The usual suspects in the media are trying to inject their talking points from the opposition war rooms to influence the outcome.

·         Media  attack F35 program without requiring opposition alternative costed

·         Media highlight gaffes of incumbent vs Policy platform questions

Media  outlets are ignoring their failures in their biased attacks on Rob Ford during his campaign. Campaigns matter and an organization that gets out their vote will add another dozen seats. Canadians have tuned out the one-sided coverage that is devoid of policy analysis and context. What do you think? Is it time for some real news and Sunshine?

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