Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Voldermort Coalition?

Each party has already announced they won't be respecting a return of another minority government under the Conservatives. Some in the media were very unhappy with our PM speaking about the power sharing deal that was hatched in 2008 again. Will our media ask how Parliament works if the CPC win one seat short of a majority? The power sharing agreement  between the three losers that won't be named is making our media look ridiculous.

A coalition that must not be named
Some in the media have been reporting  the Liberals have lifted the NDP platform once again. It appears the Liberals are willing to say anything to get elected and give reasons why those Red book promises were just ideas. If you examine the polls from the last six months Canadians prefer Layton to head the Lib-NDP coalition. The honeymoon for Ignatieff ended in May 2009 with his climb down from his four ultimatiums. From Report Cards to Blue Ribbon Panels, the Liberals have been very ineffective communicators as the official opposition party. The Liberals, traditionally most reliant on corporate and wealthy individual donors, are still struggling to adjust to their own reforms -Elitists take a pass on Little Red Wagon in 2011.

2011 Lollipop Guild? ( Liberals, NDP, Bloc)
We have had the opposition MPs complaining about the wrong direction of Canada under any Conservative government. They are unhappy with being the last to enter, the progress during and exiting the worst recession in fifty years. Can you imagine if our PM and his team did not have the left leaning Vuvuzela MPs in the majority?
Canada is expected to lead growth among G7 economies in the first and second quarter of this year, a new forecast predicts.
The Canadian economy likely grew 5.2 per cent in the first quarter of this year and 3.8 per cent in the second quarter, the OECD said in an economic outlook Tuesday. That prediction is much higher than most Canadian first-quarter forecasts of about 4 per cent.

In every province where the Liberals have governed for at least five years we SHOULD expect a large Conservative lead in the polls. (See the historic and unprecented NB taxpayer backlash ending the Liberal experiment to one term.)
If the polls hold up, an effective GOTV for the Conservatives, a collective sigh of relief for a majority of taxpayers will been realized.Who will head up the merger talks with the remaining Liberals and NDP MPs on May 3, 2011?

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