Saturday, April 02, 2011

Michael Ignatieff: Captain on Titanic?

I don't see many opportunities for the Liberals message to catch on in the next four weeks. Canadian taxpayers had two years and numerous visits from the Liberal spin machine to improve the Liberal brand. The provincial Liberals have been in power for nearly seven years in many provinces.

A single poll means nothing!

If the Liberal party ran an anyone but Ignatieff campaign in 2006 what makes them think in five years he would be qualified to fill in for Prime Minister? This rush to return to the polls by the Liberals to replace their leader will backfire as taxpayers have not forgiven the Liberals. Taxpayer are not angry with the direction of our country or federal government in large enough numbers to affect a change in government. What other Liberals will be held accountable?

Dalton McGuinty, Jean Charest on the other hand..

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