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Tax Revolt Brewing In Ontario: Liberals Wiped out?

One down, one more to go?
Toronto, Ontario taxpayers will be informed through television, newspapers of the compensation levels in staffing from Toronto City Hall, and our Ontario Provincial Government over the next few days. Any idea how that will play with the Federal and NDP politicians promises to spend billions more on adding more public servants?

HST yes, no, yes. Thanks!
The Liberals decision to lift the NDP policy of attacking large corporations as rich or evil is going to alienate many fiscal-blue Liberals. Dion in his coalition accord in 2008 forced Layton to concede to his platform for a lower corporate tax climate to spur the economy. Ignatieff has tacked farther left than Dion in an attempt to supress the NDP vote in 2011. I think it is another tactical mistake to peel off the NDP base when your trust and leadership numbers are much lower.

There’s also global competition at play. Companies make decisions on where to invest, based on many factors. Even after the Jan 1 business tax cut, the combined federal and provincial rate is still above the OECD average, but below the G-7Canada won’t “fall off a cliff,” but it clearly sends the wrong message to companies and the rest of the world, argued Ian Lee, MBA director at Carleton University’s business school.-Liberal math does not add up

Mayor Rob Ford has been handed a new gift this week.
When the sun shone on the list of the top City of Toronto bureaucrats who raked in more than $100,000 last year, not surprisingly, an extra 65 employees were added in 2010.Toronto had 2,136 employees on the 100K club, up from 2,071 the previous year. The combined salaries of the more than 2,100 employees total more than $250 million. -City's 100K club grows to 2,136. Ontario fares worse! Will taxpayers be going to polls looking to punish the Liberals and the NDP who advocate in not cutting or reducing government?

The big earners on Sunshine List
• $1,325,119 — Ontario Power Generation president/CEO Tom Mitchell.
• $1,041,881 — University of Waterloo president/CEO David Johnston.
• $953,844 — Hydro One president/CEO Laura Formusa.
• $732,615 (plus $100,934 in taxable benefits) — St. Joseph’s Hospital in London president/CEO Clifford Nordal.
• $453,164 — Ontario Realty Corp. president/CEO David Glass.
• $431,403 — LCBO CEO Robert Peter.

Ontario set punish the Liberals
The following seat projection is based upon a weighted blending of polls from Nanos, Harris-Decima, Abacus and Forum Research that were drawn from March 24-29. The overall sample was approximately 6000. While the national total of seats allocated drops the Conservatives down below the magic number of 155, the real story of the past seven weeks is how stable public opinion and the polls have actually been. Throughout the last five LISPOP projections during this period, the Conservative number has varied only between 150 and 157 seats, and it is now in the middle of that rangeBy contrast, Ontario with a large number of swing seats hardly changed at all with the Conservatives maintaining a 10% lead over the Liberals.- LISPOP

King’s success has been ascribed by his critics to his uncanny talent for blurring political issues so as to maintain support among such ideologically opposed groups as farmers in the West, who demanded free trade, and manufacturers in central Canada, who demanded tariff protection. His genius for obfuscation was epitomized by his vacuous but successful 1935 campaign slogan, “King or Chaos.”  -Stephen Clarkson, THE BIG RED MACHINE How the Liberal Party Dominates Canadian Politics

The Liberal party has not come to understand how they come to hold seventy seven seats in 2011. They like to believe the leader was at fault and Canadians were duped with some bad press coverage. Much like the hype around the impact of social media on the political discussion on Twitter is still taking place within an echo chamber. Canadians will cast a their ballot in the fourth contest in seven years. It is very likely at least three opposition leaders will be retiring after the results are digested on May 2, 2011.

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