Monday, April 04, 2011

Liberals running on Empty?

It appears some Liberals will say anything to get elected. Too bad for them, most of us are not buying into their repackaged 70's snake oil called a Red Book. On May 2, 2011 a large number of MPs will be fired.

The polls are not lifting the Liberal leader. Some in the media are trying to their best to infuse life into the Liberal campaign. It's not working. The Toronto Sun is having a field day with Ignatieff the absentee MP. In 2008 Ignatieff was the Deputy leader and worked to push the Green Shift Platform resulting in the worst showing in over 150 years for the Liberals in popular support. Some Liberals think burying the Carbon Tax plan to a few parargraph on page 46 will work.

The Pollsters have found Ignatieff polling behind Layton on trust and confidence to manage the economy. Canadians were clear on wanting to wait until 2012. The opposition ignored the sixty per cent polled.

Each fringe opposition party has promised to vote against the Conservative budget regardless of the outcome. A large Conservative majority is the only viable option for four years of progress and quiet. A new media station will be able to provide news not being covered by the traditional outlets.

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