Friday, April 08, 2011

Green Shift II: Coalition Tax Grab?

It is interesting watch some in our Media outlets making stuff up and providing cover for the Liberals during this campaign. We saw the same thing when the Liberals allowed a vote in the Senate to kill a reckless enviromental bill. Why is the media refusing to ask tough questions regarding the policy platform of the Liberals, NDP and Bloc? Many of us don't care about a few mistakes from vetting to crowd control. We understand this happens with EVERY election.  Where is the fact checking on the big issues and spending promises? Anyone curious how Ignatieff latest series of promises are not included in his platform?

We have seen the Liberal experiment with buying used military equipment: we have a sub fleet that can't use it's torpedoes.

On the CBC last night it appeared for a brief moment, a few on the At Issue Panel were doing a mea culpa admitting the media is to blame for the lack of issues being discussed. It lasted for about five minutes. Our state broadcaster is doing a horrible job in getting answers to questions that matter. We are getting talking points recycled and spin from the guests. Why are we diverting over a billion dollars to a state broadcaster that can't seem to get reporting the news in a balanced manner on a campaign that has only thirty-six days?

Liberals are refusing to discuss the detail in their latest Carbon Tax Scheme on page 46 in their platform. It hints to Green Shift. The public won't know until after the troika seize power if the Conservatives don't win an outright majority. Is this issue not newsworthy?

In the coming weeks and months we Liberals look forward to speaking with Canadians and asking them to join a growing coalition. A coalition that crosses party lines and will move us beyond outdated notions of what it means to be right- or left-wing. – A message from Stéphane Dion Green Shift  ( website no longer exists and they have scrubbed it from their website)
Green Shift I Taxes on Business and Consumers
Ignatieff is left of the Dion led Liberals in 2008. Dion had promised to keep lowering the costs for business. This professor understood the Chretien-Martin Liberal track record. He did not subscribe to attacking banks and oil companies as villains or rich in his campaign to become the PM.
Broad-based corporate income tax reductions: We will accelerate and deepen the currently planned corporate tax cuts, reducing the general corporate tax rate by an additional one per cent within four years.
That means the federal corporate tax rate in Canada will be only 14 per cent by the fourth year. This will make Canada one of the most competitive jurisdictions in the world, attracting businesses that will be part of a sustainable, green, Canadian economy. (Page 36 Greenshift)

When will the media hold the political parties to account for NOT costing out their promises? If Canadians are expected to make an informed decision to elect their MP and Federal government it is time to stop the navel gazing. If a political party has major promises not costed in their platform or refuses to provide an explanation for their policies shouldn't that be pressing issue for the news-opinion panels?

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