Wednesday, April 13, 2011

NDP-Liberal leaders Failed To Defend Multiculturalism

Is it me but did the views by Gilles Duceppe referring to multiculturalism as threat to Quebec distinct society not merit more scrutiny from the Press? Did anyone notice the Jack and Mike response? Can you imagine if ANY conservative made those statements?
Is Terry M. covering PM flight to Geneva making him cranky?
Duceppe also tried to compare the foreign affairs record of our PM to George W. Bush. Our PM quickly took him to task and bragged about Canada's efforts in Haiti and Libya. Our PM reminded the pickering speakers  of the UN recognition and  Canada's appointment on the maternal health file.

Our PM gave the each of the leaders a reminder why voters have given Conservatives two mandates. They tried to suggest our foreign aid was cut back, Jack and Michael failed. Who will defend multiculturalism, minorities in Quebec from the Bloc and PQ? It does not appear the NDP or Liberals have the stomach to take their coalition partner to the woodshed for his comments.

Our PM was able to remind the unhappy participants that Canada is doing very well compared to other developed economies. They could not refute his comments. They could also not attack the experts and economists that raising taxes will cost $ 40 billion in investment and 200,000 jobs. This debate had  our PM laying out his message to voters why a majority is necessary. Ignatieff was clearly agitated by our PM asking for a majority to stop the bickering and give Canadians a break from the constant electioneering every two years. I believe our PM made his case by the lack of substance on display from the opposition leaders.

The three Amigos tried the fear card on the Long Gun registry, hidden agenda on abortion, capital punishment and healthcare. It fell flat. The track record is clear and the Conservative priorities and cooperation led the longest minority in Canadian history.

The last five years this Conservative government has been spending billions on requipping our military, restoring cuts to pensions, health, education and social services from the previous Liberal administration. This Conservative government did not attack the most vulnerable to balance their federal books. Ignatieff did not brag about the Chretien-Martin legacy about those tough decisions.

The NDP and Liberals supported the Bloc motion to require all Supreme Court judges pass tests in French. They also joined the Bloc in blocking the Bill on Democratic Reform to add seats to Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia in the 40th Parliament. Chantal Herbert noted this was the worst performance of Gilles Duceppe.

What else can we expect from Jack and Michael in appeasement of the Bloc?

The poll pegs Conservative support across the country at 45%, Liberal support at 24%, the NDP at 16%, Bloc support at 8% and Green Party support at 7%. Thankfully with numbers like these if they hold up for advance voting and May 2, 2011, Canadians won't need to rely on the NDP or Liberals to protect minorities in Quebec.

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