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The Valiant Ralph Goodale

The Liberals have a pattern of acting hypocritical on many issues.

Liberal MP Ralph Goodale is accusing Prime Minister Stephen Harper of ""sabotage" of the 20-year-old agency.
"His objective here, obviously, is to destroy this organization from within, to cause such absolute turmoil that it will simply collapse," Goodale said in an interview.

After Goodale complained to The Canadian Press last week that his party had not been properly consulted under the agency rules, the office of Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon produced correspondence showing every party leader had indeed been notified in advance of every appointment. No objections were recorded, apart from those from Goodale and NDP MP Paul Dewar last September in relation to one proposed appointee. She was not appointed. -The Canadian Press

This video was produced to honour the Valiant Liberal Party.

Angelo Perischilli on Liberal hypocrisy.

Now another Conservative government is addressing the issue and offering an apology and money to the same communities that were rebuffed by the Liberal governments of Trudeau and Jean Chrétien.
And the same Liberal party complains that what the Conservatives are offering is peanuts. Now that they're in opposition, they want to give the community, through a private member's bill, what they denied it twice when in government.

After three weeks of a steady diet of anti government messaging from the MSM how are Canadians viewing this?
Angus Poll

In every single Region in Canada the official opposition is unable to secure an advantage in the hearts and minds of Canadians. In the only region the Liberals are leading the government is QC. They trail the regional separtist party by over fourteen points. In BC the Liberals are ten below the government. In AB, the government leads the Liberals by 37 points. In Manitoba/Saskatchwen 47 points are behind the government. Atlantic and Ontario are close with a tie and one point lead.

Clearly, Canadians have not embraced the Liberals as a national federal alternative to the government.

Please stay tuned for more Liberal cries and hypocrisy.......

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Groundhog Day: Liberal Style

The Political Games in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 have no indication of stopping. Here is a brief snapshot of some clips of the Liberal Party recycling their attacks  and  pattern of divisive politics.

Friday, January 29, 2010

PM Stephen Harper@ Davos: Someone Crushing on Harper?

Swiss jets form wingtip 'honour guard' to escort Harper plane out of airspace

Two Swiss fighter jets escorted Prime Minister Stephen Harper's plane out of Switzerland's air space on Friday

The honour guard escort is rarely deployed, and is considered a heartfelt sign of close ties between Switzerland and Canada, the spokesman said.

He met for more than an hour with Swiss president Doris Leuthard on Thursday. The two talked about the Olympics, the coming G8 and G20 summits in Canada, the need to resist protectionism and to follow up on the climate-change agreement reached last month in Copenhagen.

I am not making this up, from Jovanka's International Cafe

Cheeky Davos Intro Video here.

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MSM: Repeat Hockey Stick Effect

Liberals reach out to female voters with a little help from their friends in the media

The Liberals were working to recover key segments of the population that have deserted them in recent months – including women. The two leading parties are essentially tied in opinion polls, so winning back traditional Liberal support could swing a future election.- The Globe & Mail

In only three times in ten months a significant gap has been captured outside the M.O.E and the MSM has used  a small number of Polls to add the use of Polling Data to illustrate?

Additional examples of Media being selective in use of Polls to tell a story.



Large Poll

Are Liberals Asking For A Bailout For Political Attack Ads?

It's not my budget, it is Harpers' budget. It is his problem.  Who has been repeating this since December 2008?

“The ‘gotcha' stuff is out of control,” says the Liberal. “They bring in all these nerdy keener kids from campus and it's some kind of game to them. They're turning politics into pro wrestling.” The media concentrates on the top, Ignatieff, and on the Hill, but disenchanted Liberals say there is a story to be told far from the now-silenced sound bites of the Centre Block.

Are Liberals asking taxpayers to be on the hook for hiring more fine art majors, creative writing graduates, desktop publishing students to be hired by the Liberal war room?

For the March 4 federal budget, the Liberals propose:
Temporary financial incentives for firms that hire young Canadians, such as new graduates from universities, colleges or apprenticeships. This measure is meant to address a crisis in youth unemployment, which at 16 per cent is nearly double the national average. Toronto Star
Since becoming the leader of the opposition the Liberals have failed to introduce ANY employment policy inside the HOC. In twelve months they have made a large numbers of presentations at fundraising events. Has the Liberal Party chosen to undermine democracy through divisive relentless attack ads?

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How To Spot A Liberal Poll Denier

Cover of "Big Fish [Blu-ray]"
  1. The 10-15 drop is a result of (fill in the blank).
  2. Harper is running scared.
  3. This Poll means Harper is "doomed".
  4. Bait and Switch.
  5. That is ancient history, no one cares.
  6. I like Pepper.
  7. You are a paid conbot.
  8. The cheque is in the mail.
  9. If you want action a Liberal government will act on Daycare, Education, Aboriginal Affairs, Environment (fill in the blank)
  10. We built this country.

Liberal Party: Rossi Fundraising Third Quarter Pie Anyone?

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CROP Poll: Confirms Coalition Parties Get No Satisfaction

Nowadays 37 % of the Natives of Quebec feel themselves satisfied with the government Harper, 1 % less than in October. No significant movement either on the side of the malcontents, who pass from 58 to 59 %. This reading is out of place in comparison with the campaign which leads PLC everywhere to the country to report the decision of Stephen Harper to prorogue parliamentary session in House of Commons. From the point of view of voting intentions, news is not better for PLC. The effect of the arrival of Michael Ignatieff in orders seems to have evaporated. If elections had taken place this week, the Liberals would have been 24 % of suffrages in Quebec - the same score as with Stephane Dion on the last elections, in October, 2008. The conservatives, them, would have harvested 21 % of polls, same score since September, 2009.-Crop Poll

Don't put away those NDP, Anti-war signs yet! Keep trying, see you in March!

MSM: Activist Agenda Unintended Consequences?

Take a routine decision and attempt to change public opinion by suggesting it is unusual and undemocratic and blow it up, blow it up really BIG. Remove any context or balance in your reporting.

Our activist media in their reckless pursuit to weaken our federal government is jeopardizing our support of our institutions and the good work being done at home and abroad.

Alumna Jadzia Karas is reaching out to orphan girls in Afghanistan.


Every day, Canadian-sponsored programs directly or indirectly build schools, immunize children, pave highways, equip police, feed the hungry, fight illiteracy, construct a federal education system, mentor municipal politicians.
And then there's a long list of small projects that often involve drilling a well for clean drinking water.
Teaching one 18-year-old woman to read and write will not defeat the Taliban or bring peace to Afghanistan. But Canadian public servants say it goes to the heart of Canada's overall mission to provide help to Afghans so they can help themselves.-Edmonton Journal

How much time has the media spent in talking about the Afghan Detainee Issue vs our other activity in Afghanistan? Is it any suprise the focus by our activist media has again lost credibility.

Our Activist Media:  Easy as 1-2-3
  1. Does our activist media divert limited resources to push a negative aspect of a event?
  2. Does our media cite experts that have a similar public position to add creditibily to your narrative?
  3. If story does not gain momentum find another negative "nugget" in the event to improve ratings.

Auditor General Sheila Fraser says she is impressed with development work Canada's military has undertaken in Afghanistan, but has concerns over what will happen to projects once the soldiers pull out.

Our activist media has been busy recycling an issue from 2006 to suggest War Crimes, Torture, Cover Up in Afghanistan on the evidence of a testimony of a single person, a field note at the expense of other parts of the mission.

What is the likelihood of Canada being able to continue it's mission after the media spent months promoting the nugget of their choice?

The opposition parties NDP, Bloc and Liberals did not support the extension of the mission. A few liberal MP broke ranks from Dion and adopted the Manley report.

Now we have seen this repeated at home with a constitutional tool used over 100 times by both Federal Parties. Did we see any context in the stories since our activist media ran with the nugget labeling it as a "undemocratic" move in 2008 and now 2010?
Harper keeps pushing the right buttons - THE Halifax Stanfield International Airport has been a busy spot for politicians the past few days.
While Liberal and NDP members of Parliament from Nova Scotia flew off to Ottawa for a "back-to-work" public relations exercise Monday, the Conservatives were busy off-loading bags of money.hard at work in their constituentcy offices, off to Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Davos, executing the mandate.

Cash for research, for parks, for rinks, . . . you name it, even Christmas trees and Sable Island.
All of this is hardly a coincidence.
Between his deft and speedy response to the Haiti catastrophe and the high-profile announcements underway to remind voters who controls the federal purse strings, Prime Minister Stephen Harper is doing all he can to dissipate the strident and apparently unexpected reaction to his decision to prorogue Parliament again this year.
The Conservatives may be playing defence right now, but it will probably work, despite the clamour from coast to coast over Harper’s decision to shut down Parliament.
Canadians who vote for the NDP, Liberals, represent special interest groups such as Anti War, Fair Vote, Unions supported the PRO coalition protest returned turned out in smaller numbers the thousands under 20,000  by some estimates on Sunday in organized rallies across the country to voice their displeasure with the prorogation the democratically elected government. A few months ago, most Canadians probably didn’t know the meaning of the word. Today, it’s tough to find many voters who support Harper’s decision to shut down our house of so-called democracy. After two weeks that saw millions of dollars in Free Publicity compliments of our MSM, the professional organizers, protest groups for two weeks dominated the airwaves, print media with misinformation and a lack of context regarding a 17 DAY delay in the sitting of Parliament for QP and committees.
Despite the explanations of a break for Parliament due to the Vancouver Winter Olympics that haven’t even started, most observers have opined that it is the heat over the Afghan detainee issue that just wasn’t going away that led Harper to pull the plug in Ottawa, thereby ending the continuing and politically damaging testimony about who knew what and when they knew it.........

We have a minority Government that requires the confidence of Parliament to EXIST and govern. Where are the alternatives to the CPC Throne Speech, Budget introduced January 2008? Is parliament "undemocratic" because the opposition parties are too busy participating in a public relations excercise(s) instead of doing their work?

Here is a very small list of publicity photos of our opposition NOT at WORK

Liberals - Photo Opp Fails Door are Open

 Liberals overhype H1N1, apologize for Bodybags 10% Flyer
Two Liberal MP's Protest outside Tim Hortons
Two more Liberals visit wrong field decrying funding delays.

 R.I.P. 2009

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It's A Marshmallow World: Canadian Politics

The widely supported media driven Facebook protest failed to engage regular Canadians, the same pro-coalition protestors showed up from the ranks of the
  • NDP
  • Liberal
  • anti-war
  • Unions 

came out for the coalition in 2008. This time the crowds were even smaller than 2008? Why?

It's called "slacktivism," and it runs rampant on social media. And for good reason. Who wants to be the wet blanket, too cynical to get behind a cause? 

“The ‘gotcha' stuff is out of control,” says the Liberal. “They bring in all these nerdy keener kids from campus and it's some kind of game to them. They're turning politics into pro wrestling.” The media concentrates on the top, Ignatieff, and on the Hill, but disenchanted Liberals say there is a story to be told far from the now-silenced sound bites of the Centre Block.

It is a Vision thing and a Plan something the opposition Parties are not interested in presenting for debate in Parliament.

We will see further evidence of the canaries in the coal mine talk about the death of the Liberal Party in Canada. How many people that went to the constitutency offices of the MP's found it strange demanding they return to work by leaving their office to attend QP and committees in Ottawa?

Nothing gets done outside of Ottawa?

Enjoy the video!

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bloc Benefits From Liberal Political Subsidy: Nearly $ 300 million in welfare

The four opposition Political Parties are "entitled" to their entitlements!
Follow the money to see who Canadians are supporting with donations through membership to their political party.
On the surface, it would appear Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives have the most to lose if subsidies were cut because they garnered the most votes in the October election. The Conservatives earned $10 million in subsidies, compared to $7.7 million for the Liberals, $4.9 million for the NDP, $2.6 million for the Bloc Québécois and $1.8 million for the Greens.
But because the Conservatives have such a strong fundraising base, their subsidy represents only 37 per cent of the party's total revenues.
By comparison, the subsidy amounts to 63 per cent of the Liberals' funding, 86 per cent of the Bloc's, 57 per cent of the NDP's and 65 per cent of the Greens'. - CBC November 2008
Between 2004 and 2008, Canadians will have spent $290 million on subsidies to federal political parties. If subsidies continue, either because of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s reversal on the matter, or if a Liberal-NDP-Bloc Quebecois coalition takes power, Canadians will pay out another $260 million to parties between 2009 and 2013. That’s almost the price tag on another federal election fight between Ottawa’s warring forces.- Frontier Centre
..The BQ continues to depend on state subsidies like no other party: over 80% of the party's revenue comes from the annual subsidy. The Liberals are the only other party that gets a majority of its money from the state (though well behind the BQ at about 60% in 2008).
The fact that the Liberals and Michael Ignatieff essentially hold the balance of power in Parliament (the NDP and BQ have signaled that they will always vote against the government) means that it is unlikely that the Conservatives will reintroduce the measure to remove the subsidy. Unless, however, Stephen Harper wants to provoke an election ... but that likely won't be for a while. But it is imperative for the Liberals to learn how to thrive under this new regime. By my estimates, Conservative revenue is up about 60% since the 2004 changes to party finance. The Liberals are down 12%. Righting that balance has to be one of Michael Ignatieff's biggest priorities as Liberal leader.- Mapleleaf Web
The Conservative government nearly blew itself out of the water last November when it tried to cut off $27-million a year in federal allowances to political parties. Although polls showed the idea was popular with the public, the commentariat generally panned it as a low blow against competing parties, because they are more dependent on the subsidies than the Conservatives are. The opposition parties formed their famous coalition and threatened to vote non-confidence against the Conservatives, who quickly retracted the proposal. Prime Minister Stephen Harper, however, has vowed to bring it back as part of his campaign platform in the next election.-Globe & Mail
I don’t care what their motivations are: it’s the right thing to do. The public subsidy came in with the Chretien campaign finance reforms in 2003. But it was entirely contrary in spirit. The point of the restrictions on corporate and union donations was that elections should be a matter between the candidates and the voters. Corporations and unions don’t get extra votes in the ballot box, and shouldn’t get extra voice in the fund-raising contest. Nor should corporate and union leaders be able to donate other people’s money on their behalf. Whether to contribute to a political party, and how much, and to whom, should be a private, personal matter — voluntary, individual decisions.-Andrew Coyne
H/T to Pundits' Guide (Great Site for non-partisan information on Canadian Federal Politics)
The party raised $208,455.07 in the last three months of 2009 from 1,936 contributors, for an average donation size of $107.67. This yielded an annual take of some $621.5K, the Bloc's best ever non-election year since quarterly numbers were first reported in 2005, and the new party finance regime took effect.-Pundits Guide
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The MSM Trying To Revive The Coalition II

When did our media become compromised? What was the first time they refused to do basic fact checking who was behind the latest publicity political stunt on proroguing the parliament for 22 days?

When did our media decide to take an activist role in providing a fake front for the coalition parties in the opposition?

non·par·ti·san/>n)adj. Based on, influenced by, affiliated with, or supporting the interests or policies of no single political party: a nonpartisan commission; nonpartisan opinions.-The Free Dictionary

Take a look at one of the actors who are claiming to be non-partisan, goes unreported by the media.

Shilo Davis is the national rally coordinator for Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament.

Is our MSM is giving FREE advertising to NDP?

Facebook and democracy

Shilo Davis, Special To The National Post  Published: Friday, January 22, 2010

Read more:
The National Post is now on Facebook. Join our fan community today.

Additional Reading

Prorogation Day in Canada. 

A sample of articles about the history of prorogation in Canada

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I am proud of my Prime Minister and proud of our country's decision to help Haiti. This is NOT the time for political games by any political party.

I have uploaded a few pictures and screenshots regarding Federal Politics, Olympics. Enjoy. We have gone through a very tough global recession and we use this latest example of our government's professionalism in getting it done! ( I will upload higher quality versions shortly)

Another Toronto Star columnist reflecting on the current government decisive actions from one of the few Liberal strongholds trying offering meek praise.

For some people, nothing will ever satisfy them, their distrust and hatred of everything Harper has made their judgement unbalanced. This tragedy is just another example of broken moral compass of some in the left.

Disaster brings out the worst and best in governments. Paul Martin's harmed itself by dithering through the early days of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami; Stephen Harper's is doing well at home by doing good in Haiti. -Toronto Star January 21, 2009 Jim Travers.

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I Say Plan: You Say Polo


December 2008

Michael Ignatieff refuses to offer specific ideas to help Canadians with "Global Recession" Budget in December 2008. See video below.

He was a busy writing a book, refused to join Bob Rae in selling the coalition on a national tour. He chose to spend his holidays writing about his family instead of working on an alternative plan that was credible to the January budget in 2009.

Our CPC led government meet in December 2008: another holiday break to negotiate with the Premiers to agree to EAP an ACTIVIST Federal Budget. Full participation with Province, Cities and Federal Government one-third cost sharing.

December 2009

It has been over a year since becoming the leader of the official opposition. Iffy boards a plane and leaves Canada behind for a vacation in France. One year later NO PLAN, no alternative the CPC Budget introduced January 2009. The Liberals support the CPC Agenda until the Fall with one photo op protest vote. They pass another supply Bill on December 10, 2009 with the NDP demostrating their confidence in the CPC led government.

January 2010

Family vacation in France is interrupted! Returns to Canada for a university photo-op tour on eleven campuses.

Federal Government has Open Consultation for Budget 2010.

What is the Liberal reaction to Public consultation on participating on crafting budget again?

"It's not my problem. It's Stephen Harper's problem," Ignatieff said. "What I want to see is the government's plan to dig us out. My job is to determine whether that plan is credible. Once I've determined whether that plan is credible, we'll have to put forward an alternative plan that is more credible."

There was a time when the Liberal Party stood for three things: a strong central government, an activist state that tried to redistribute income and opportunity, and an internationalist foreign policy.-Jeffery Simpson

Iffy you voted to defeat this government four months ago. Did you pull the trigger without a plan? What are you hiding?
  • Policy Convention Vancouver
  • Summer Champagne Tour (unknown)
  • University Tour (11 campuses)
  • 150 V.I.P. Meeting (Montreal)

I say Plan, You Say Polo?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Twelve Months And No Platform: Amateur Hour

Iffy emulates Dalton McGuinty in adopting the OLO ideas.

Man In The Arena. I lifted a quotation from Theodore Roosevelt  highlighing a disturbing pattern by the official opposition since losing power in 2006.  How did the Liberals spend their Fall in Parliament after their Sudbury decision to vote non-confidence for the first time in 2009? A very light review of a few stories

Liberals Safety Net: Liberal Senators 

Without the Senate to act as the official opposition anymore, will who will act as the official opposition?

The Role of the Opposition

In Canada, the party with the greatest number of elected representatives that is not the governing party becomes Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition.  This party takes the lead in holding the Government accountable for its policies and actions.  The leader of this party becomes the leader of the Official Opposition, sitting directly across from the Prime Minister.  The duty of the Official Opposition and other opposition parties is to “challenge” government policies and suggest improvements, and present an alternative to the current Government’s policy agenda.
Opposition members have various opportunities to influence the formulation of laws and policies, including the daily Question Period in the House of Commons.  The Opposition is allocated 20 “Opposition Days” or “Supply Days” each calendar year when it can propose a motion for debate and criticize the Government on issues of broad national policy.  Members of opposition parties also serve on parliamentary committees in both the Senate and the House of Commons.
In the Senate, the Opposition often plays a less partisan role.  The Leader of the Opposition in the Senate leads the Opposition in debate, coordinates its daily activities and confers with the Leader of the Government in the Senate on its business.  The Leader of the Opposition, like the Leader of the Government, is an ex officio member of all standing committees and helps coordinate party strategy.

Man In The Arena -Being Critical Is Not Enough

In January 2009, Farewell University Tour Fails To Inspire Ideas. (Promises No Plan Extended)

At the eleventh and last stop on his cross-country tour of university campuses the Liberal leader reiterated the broad strokes of his long term agenda: to make Canada the best educated, most energy efficient and most internationally-attuned country in the world.
  1. Early Education (Dalton's Plan)  vs Reality Check here
  2. Energy Efficient (Dalton's Green Plan) vs Reality Check here
  3. Internationally-attuned country (No clue, sounds like backpedalling on the unequivocal support for Israel)
But he offered no precision on how a Liberal government would dig the country out from under the massive $56 billion deficit racked up over the past year - the crucial question that will determine what, if any, big ticket promises Ignatieff will be able to make in an eventual election platform.
Nor was there any word on whether a Liberal government would keep spending to goose a recovery that is producing precious few new jobs to offset employment that disappeared during the recession.

December 2009
68.9% of Canadians give The Government and PM a passing grade

Canadians are starting to slowly come out of a deep recession which took hold for most of 2009. Canadians asked those from all levels of government to work together and get it done.  For the majority of Canadians they did NOT lose their jobs or their houses. Most of the damage was felt in Ontario's manufacturing industry. As the U.S. economy picks up steam again our trade with our largest partner has recovered.

 November 2009

When did our traditional Media, oppositon parties lose their Moral Compass?

Our mainstream media and opposition parties are incapable of putting aside their own agenda when our PM is at home or on the world stage. In tribute to the dedication and hardwork done by everyone our government is doing the heavy lifting in all the communities locally and abroad. Expanding trade, apologizing for tragic events in our history, and  reducing a headtax imposed by the Liberals in 1995. The CPC are working diligently winning the hearts and minds of all Canadians.

If the traditional media does not cooperate to provide a balanced view, this government has demostrated they are not relying on the MSM gatekeepers in Canada. I have included two examples on non traditional media. Ethnic Media and Social Networking Digg (edited the CTV headline).

There were thousands and thousands of people to see the Canadian prime minister. Seeing this welcome in my hometown, I told his executive assistant (Jeremy Hunt) that the PM is more popular here than the fifth Beatle. There was so much response and energy.'' Dr BIRINDER SINGH AHLUWALIA

In 2006, the new Conservative government not only cut the right of landing fee to half, but also allocated $108 million for the settlement of new immigrants and opened the referral office for the recognition of foreign credentials. Prime Minister Stephen Harper also offered an apology to the Canadian-Chinese community for the discriminatory head tax imposed on South Asians from 1893 to 1923.   During the Baisakhi celebration in the Canadian Parliament last month, Stephen Harper announced: “As Canadians we believe we learn from history, but we are not enslaved by it. We put old arguments behind us, in order to focus on the challenges and opportunities that lie before us. I especially know that Canadians of Sikh faith will always be leaders in the effort to move Canada forward, unified, strong and free” The Sikh Bulletin


Headline -CTV

October 2009
The Nowhere Man  moved quickly to douse dangerous speculation -- advanced in a credible Canadian Press story this week -- that he was prepared to engage in what one anonymous senior Liberal called "an adult conversation" with voters over the worrying economic future. Adult conversation. Woo. Risky.

"He doesn't believe he can develop a plan to get us out of this mess, until you know what the real numbers are. That is where we are and there's no strategy beyond that."-Jill Fairbrother ( ex-communications Chief for Liberals)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Armageddon Liberals: 2010

Water Court Foyer of the National Gallery of Canada

The Liberal Party is falling apart, and will not recover. Like all liberal parties in Europe, it will become a weakling at the mercy of ephemeral coalitions. By refusing the historic coalition that would have placed it at the helm of the left, it will be punished by history.-Janine Krieber Professor at Royal Military College of Canada

Her background and expertise should not be dismissed in her criticism of the writings on the current leaders regarding his writings of torture. 

It’s been a year since the Dion putsch, so Ms. Krieber can’t be accused of lashing out in the heat of the moment. She’s had time to think, and her words carry particular danger in that they appear to reflect a conviction held by others in the party.- Kelly McParland

This is what Janine Krieber got right
1) Igantieff has been an unmediated disaster.
2) The rot goes well beyond Ignatieff.
3) Paul Martin was a cancer. - The Maple Three 

Insiders Unhappy:
Over the past several years, I have seen that the position of VP Org has been neglected, in terms of energy, commitment and resources, and coincidentally, we have seen a dramatic drop in Liberal held seats in Ontario. - James Curran
What is the biggest challenge facing the Liberal Party of Canada in Ontario today? -BCer in Toronto
All Parties are challenged by the ambivalence and apathy that has permeated throughout the political system, in large part due to the focus on strategy and tactics, rather than solid policy development and meaningful dialogue.
While at the riding level, fundraising in most parts of the province is a challenge, I believe if we look at the bigger picture, the most significant challenge facing the federal Liberal Party in Ontario is that we have not rationalized a general and coordinated strategy for the organization.
To put it bluntly, we have no plan to implement and therefore, there is little or no buy-in from the members and ridings and this affects all aspects of the Party's operations, from membership to fundraising and from policy to participation.
We are having difficulties attracting new members and ensuring that we are a Party that is growing, rather than a Party in decline.
We must address these fundamental shortcomings by focusing on the creation and implementation of a solid plan.

The Liberals have had NO PLAN for YEARS. The Liberals spent a few weeks pushing a fake scandal trying to win back the Catholic Vote at the expense of our PM attending a state funeral. They decry our PM arriving a minute and a half behind some leaders for a photo op. They sided with a Chinese dictator in rebuke of our PM, they lined up with activists organizations who have a vested financial interest such as Green Peace. Liberals are pushing a new tax on Canadians use of Carbon, GreenShift redux and publicly stating they will not raise taxes.

Social Background Characteristics: The Shrinking Liberal Core
The Liberals were able to coast to victory in 2000 with the support of two key groups: visible minorities and Catholics. By 2008, the Liberals could no longer count on their loyalty. The visible minority vote dropped 14 points between 2000 and 2004 (see Figure 2).3 The main beneficiary was the NDP. The Liberals did not lose any further ground in 2006, but in 2008, they lost a massive 19 points. And now it was the Conservatives who benefited. In fact, minority voters were almost as likely to vote Conservative in 2008 as they were to vote Liberal.-The Anatomy of The Liberal Defeat

In 2000 Jean Chretien has the Perfect Storm. He was able to take advantage of a split right and a weakened NDP who were NOT competitive in Ontario. Ontario and Quebec was responsible in giving the Liberals their last majority.

In 2008 the Liberals suffered the worst defeat in popular support in over 100 years. The Liberals have been reduced to the three largest cities. It has been  nearly a decade since the Liberals have enjoyed the "Perfect Storm".

 In November 2009 during a global recession, posting a large deficit, Canadian voters sent two more MP's to join the CPC caucus. The Liberals failed to win a single seat or make a decent showing in any of the ridings.

Follow The Money:
In a few weeks the finances will become public again for the political parties. The Liberals can't ignore that several of the leadership candidates in 2006 have failed to repay their loans. Elections Canada will be unable to give another extension. Some estimates are over one million dollars will be counted as campaign expense for the party reducing their ability to fund the next campaign. The GST overpayment is estimated at another million. My opinion is the party is in serious financial difficulty and has not attracted a significant list of new donors. I wrote a post several months ago on this funding shortfall. Since than Rocco Rossi has resigned and several key liberal staffers from Toronto have left their positions at LPOC HQ.
Are they having a problem making payroll?